Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Book Review: "Bruton Parish Virginia Register 1662-1797" with Last Name Index N-Z

The following is a summary of the last name index, N-Z, of the "Bruton Parish Virginia Register 1662-1797", transcribed & edited by John Vogt, 2004, 8x10, xiv, 119 pages with index, perfect-bound, paperback, printed on acid-free stock by New Papyrus Publishing of Athens, Georgia, ISBN 974-9929-0-97.

The parish register which survives covers the years 1662, twelve years before the formation of Bruton Parish (these records are those of the earlier Middleton Parish) up past the American Revolution to the mid 1790s. It records life events for both the great men of society as well as artisans, children, servants, slaves, bastard children, and reflects a cross-section of the Williamsburg community during its heyday when it served as the capital of the colony. More than 3,400 entries list either births, baptisms, deaths, or burials. There are no marriage records.

The editor has provided a meticulous transcription of the register, using his training in colonial paleography to correct many of the previous mis-readings. A full index is included as well as an extensive introduction. This will provide valuable information for most people with family in the York, James City, Williamsburg area during the eighteenth century.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, let me know. FYI, the book you would get contains all letters A-Z but I broke them up here into two posts so they would not look so long.

Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "Robert son of Robert Carter Nicholas & Anne His Wife Was Born June 26, 1768"
  • "1748 Mary Daughter of Doct. Kenneth McKinzie and Joanna his Wife Was Born the 14th April ye 4 o'clock in the morning and was baptized ye 17th of the same month."
The following is a list of names made from the index at the back of the book:

Needler Nelson Newman Newton Nicholas Nichols Nicholson Nickleson Nicolson Nimmo Nixson Norman Normand Norvell Norwall Norwell Nott Oates Oats Obrian Oconner Ogleby Oliphant Ormeston Orr Orrel Orrell Owen Owens Oxloy Pack Page Paget Palmer Parish Parke Parks Parris Parrott Partridge Pasteur Pasture Patterson Pattison Peachey Peagram Peal Peale Pearman Pearson Pegram Peirce Peirse Pelham Penman Pennel Penney Pescad Peters Pettus Philips Phillips Phrodo Pierce Pierson Pinchback Pines Pinkethman Pinkeyman Pinthbard Pit Pitt Poindexter Poirthress Pollard Porter Pots Potter Powell Power Powers Prat Prentis Prentiss Preston Prewitt Price Prichard Priddy Prior Prosser Pulley Purdy Pynes Raine Randal Randol Randolph Raneff Ratcliff Ratliff Ratlief Ravenright Rawley Rawlinson Reed Reid Reine Renolds Reynolds Rhoden Rhodowell Rice Richardson Richeson Ricke Riddel Right Rind Roadman Roadwell Roan Robear Roberts Robertson Robinson Robison Roderick Rogerman Rogers Rollison Royle Rose Ross Routmore Row Rowle Rowlinson Roxbury Royle Rudder Russel Russell Ryley Sadler Saint Salmon Sammon Sander Sanders Sandford Sands Saunders Scarborough Scarbrough Scot Seagrave Sealy Sebrell Sebrill Serjeanton Shadwell Shalburn Sharp Sharpe Shearer Shearman Shehorn Sheilds Shelborne Shemp Sheppard Sherman Sherwood Shield Shields Short Shurley Simpkins Simpson Simson Singleton Skipwith Slaughter Slonor Smith Snoroy Sommerton Sorbar Southall Southwell Sparr Spelman Spence Spencer Spiers Spotswood Spratley Spring Spur Stafford Stanly Stannap Stanyard Stark Steel Stephens Stepney Stevens Stevenson Stevinson Stweard Stith Stokes Stone Stott Strahan Strait Strawhan Strawhourne Street Strickland Sturgis Summers Sutor Swiney Symes Symod Syms Taliafero Tandy Tanfoy Tapper Tarpley Tarrent Taylor Tazewell Teddar Temple Thacker Thomas Thompson Thornton Thorp Thorpe Tibbs Timberlick Timson Tobin Todd Toddell Tomson Toop Toor Tosse Trebell Tritt Trower Tucker Tuley Turner Tyler Tylor Vaden Vadin Valantine Valentine Vaulx Vaux Venables Vigars Vincent Vinckler Vinclor Vinkler Voab Vobe Wade Wadsworth Wager Walker Wallace Waller Walter Walters Wamsley Ward Warren Warrington Washington Waters Watkins Watson Watt Watters Wattles Wave Weatherborn Weatherbourn Weatherburn Web Webb Weldon Wells West Westmore Wetherford Whaley Whaly Wharton Whately Wheatly Wheeler Whitacker Whitaker Whitby White Whitehair Whitehead Whiting Whitley Whitlock Wickham Wigg Wilkins Wilkinson Wilks Williams Willings Willis Wilson Windsor Winter Winthrow Wisdom Withers Wolrot Wood Wooding Woods Word Workman Worthorne Wray Wright Wyatt Wyld Wylde Wylor Wynn Wythe Yarwood Yates Young

Again, If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, let me know.


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How can I get a copy of this?

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Sorry for the delayed response. I do have a copy in-stock. The price would be $25 and that includes shipping. If you are interested, let me know. I take check, MO or PayPal.

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