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Book Review: "Bruton Parish Virginia Register 1662-1797" with Last Name Index A-M

The following is a summary of the last name index, A-M, of the "Bruton Parish Virginia Register 1662-1797", transcribed & edited by John Vogt, 2004, 8x10, xiv, 119 pages with index, perfect-bound, paperback, printed on acid-free stock by New Papyrus Publishing of Athens, Georgia, ISBN 974-9929-0-97.

The parish register which survives covers the years 1662, twelve years before the formation of Bruton Parish (these records are those of the earlier Middleton Parish) up past the American Revolution to the mid 1790s. It records life events for both the great men of society as well as artisans, children, servants, slaves, bastard children, and reflects a cross-section of the Williamsburg community during its heyday when it served as the capital of the colony. More than 3,400 entries list either births, baptisms, deaths, or burials. There are no marriage records.

The editor has provided a meticulous transcription of the register, using his training in colonial paleography to correct many of the previous mis-readings. A full index is included as well as an extensive introduction. This will provide valuable information for most people with family in the York, James City, Williamsburg area during the eighteenth century.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, let me know. FYI, the book you would get contains all letters A-Z but I broke them up here into two posts so they would not look so long.

Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "Robert son of Robert Carter Nicholas & Anne His Wife Was Born June 26, 1768"
  • "1748 Mary Daughter of Doct. Kenneth McKinzie and Joanna his Wife Was Born the 14th April ye 4 o'clock in the morning and was baptized ye 17th of the same month."
The following is a list of names made from the index at the back of the book:

Aarnest Abell Alcorn Alcraft Alexander Allardis Allen Ambler Amson Anderson Andrews Archer Armfield Armistead Arnall Arnest Arthur Ashby Ashley Atherton Atkins Atkinson Atwood Aubrey Austin Avel Aylett Aynsley Ayscough Back Backhurst Bag Bainton Baker Bakewell Ballard Banister Barbar Barber Barden Barder Barker Barlow Barnes Barnham Barns Barradal Barradell Barrett Bartle Bartlett Barlott Bascom Basset Basskerfield Bates Batter Batton Batts Baylor Bazill Beale Bearfoot Beatty Bedford Bee Bell Bellifant Bellini Bendall Benford Bentley Ber Berkeley Berkley Besouth Bessre Biddel Bindford Binford Bingam Bird Bizit Black Blair Blakely Blanch Bland Blasingham Blouette Blunt Board Boland Bolton Bond Bonyman Booker Bossauth Bowcock Bowler Bowles Bowman Boydon Bracken Bradford Bradley Bradshaw Brand Brathwait Bray Bredson Brewer Brian Bridges Bristow Broad Broadbouck Broados Bromfield Brookman Brooks Brown Browne Bryan Bryant Bryan Bryer Buck Budstone Buffin Bulger Bullard Bullifant Burby Burdett Burfoot Burley Burrish Burwell Butler Byrd Byrum Camp Campbel Campbell Campel Candum Cannon Cardwell Carey Carr Carter Cary Casely Casement Casey Catton Causer Charleton Charlton Chesley Chiswell Chowning Ciswell Clark Clarke Clayton Clerbo Clouth Coales Cobb Cobbs Cock Cocke Cocks Coeman Coke Cole Coles Colley Collot Colvin Coman Connelly Connilly Contese Cook Cooke Cooper Corbing Corke Corker Corking Cornwallis Cosby Cotton Coulth Coulthard Cowls Cox Crab Crabtree Craddox Craig Crain Cranther Craton Crawley Crawshaw Crease Crenshaw Crew Crips Critt Crocus Crook Crosby Croshaw Crowley Cryder Cryer Culley Combo Cummins Cunningham Curtis Custis Dangerfield Daniel Daniell Dashe Davenport Davidson Davior Davis Dawson Day Dayley Dean Dear Debree Degliesh Delaney Delany Denbre Denis Dennis Davenport Dick Dickenson Dickerson Dickinson Dickson Didip Digby Digges Diggs Digs Diseson Dixon Dixson Dodson Doran Dorman Dormar Dosoor Douglass Doyley Doyly Drake Draper Dreutz Drewitt Drummond Dubree Duffin Duncastle Dunford Dunn Dunston Durfey Durfy Durphey Dyer Eading Earnshaw Eaton Eburne Edmunds Edwards Eggleston Egres Elliot Ernot Esco Evans Everand Everitt Farmar Farquason Foliot Foliott Force Forgison Fortson Fosey Fox Foy Frank Frederick Fry Furgurson Gaddy Galt Gardiner Gardner Garland Garret Gary Geddy Gentle George Gibbs Gibson Giggits Gilbert Gilbey Giles Gill Gillet Gillham Gilman Gilmer Gilmore Glass Glasscock Godfrey Gold Golding Gooch Goodamore Gooding Goodson Goodwin Gorham Gough Graves Gravonor Greaves Green Greene Greenhow Gregory Griffin Grimes Gun Gutteridge Gwinn Gwyn Haile Hains Hale Haley Hall Hambleton Hammond Hamner Handy Hankins Hankla Hansel Hansford Hantoy Harding Hark Harkett Harmer Harmon Harney Harper Harris Harrison Hartfield Harther Hartshorn Harvey Harwood Hawthorne Hay Haye Haynes Hays Haythorn Hazell Henley Hennese Henrickie Herd Hewbank Hewitt Hex Higgison Highland Hillman Hix Hobkins Holdcraft Holden Holder Holicott Holloway Holt Hopkins Hornby Hornsby Horrocks Hossington Howard Hoxbind Hoye Hubard Hubbard Hudson Hughes Hughs Huilof Huldston Hulett Humphrey Hunley Hunt Hunter Huollin Hurd Hurlston Hurst Hutchins Ince Inco Ingles Innis Ireland Irish Isorell Ives Ivory Jackson Jacob James Jameson Jaspar Jeffreys Jemart Jennings Jennins Johnson Johnston Johnstoune Jonathan Jone Jones Joseph Jude Juxton Keele Keelo Keene Keith Kemp Kempe Kendale Kendall Kennedy Kere Keri Kerle Kerr Kindale King Knell Koon Korker Lafayette Lafong Lamasor Lane Langford Laprade Larbo Lark Larke Laughton Lauie Layton Lear Leavor Lederer Lee Lenox Leppur Levin Levine Lewis Lidderdale Lightfoot Lillingston Limb Lindethman Lisle Londeryman Long Lorvilo Lounsdale Love Lucas Luckett Ludbrook Ludwell Luke Lunsford Lutboy Lutron Lyndrick Lyne Lynne Lyon Macarte Mackensie Mackgriger Macon Major Makinin Maloney Man Manly Maples Marable Marten Martin Martyr Masen Mash Mashey Massey Masterson Mathews Matthews Maupin Maury May Maynard Mays Mccabe Mccarte Mccarty Mccloud Mcclung Mcgrigor Mchenry Mcintosh Mckenzie Mcpherson Meace Mecarte Meeks Merkins Metcalf Miggs Miller Millington Mills Milner Milton Minetre Mins Mintree Mitchell Monro Moody Mookins Moor Moreland Morgan Moring Morrill Morris Morrow Morton Moses Moss Mourning Moyer Moyers Mumpain Mundell Murphey Murphy Musgraves Musgrove Myer Myers

Again, If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, let me know.

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