Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Book Review: "Augusta County Virginia Marriages 1747-1850" with Last Name Index M-Z

The following is a summary of the last name index, M-Z, of John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr.'s "Augusta County Virginia Marriages 1747-1850." Entries show both bride and groom's names, marriage bond or license date and sometimes witnesses, consents and other items of interest. This is a soft cover reprint by New Papyrus Co. of Athens, Georgia of a 1986 original, contains 414 pages plus figures, appendices & fold-out map. Augusta County was formed from Orange County in 1738 and originally encompassed all western lands of Virginia beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains and south of Frederick County. This book contains a total of 5,244 marriage records including bonds, licenses and/or minister's returns.

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FYI, the book you would get contains all letters A-Z but I broke them up here into two posts so they would not look so long.

Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "Hawkins, Alexander & Jane Guinn 30 Aug 1832; min - William Calhoon"
  • "Hays, Richard & Rachel Risk 27 Dec 1792; d. Elizabeth Stuart, who consents wit - Charles Stuart (Stewart) & John Risk b - John Risk min - John Brown - 24 Jan 1793"
The following is a list of names made from the surname frequency index at the front of the book:

Mackaby Madison Mahan Mahon Mahoney Mahony Malcolm Malcom Mandele Mansfield Manuell Mardis Mares Marks Markwood Marshall Martin Marton Masincup Mason Masoncup Massey Massie Masters Mateer Matheny Mathews Maupin Maury May Mayes Mayfield Mayo Mays Maze McAdams McAfee McAlary McAlear McAlery McBride McClure McCaaley McCabe McCadden McCaferty McCaleb McCames McCamey McCampbell McCan McCann McCannon McCarty McCaslin McCauley McCausland McCawley McChesney McClanahan McClaughlin McCleland McClelland McClenachan McClentock McClintic McClintick McClune McClung McClure McColley McCollins McColmick McComb McCommis McCorgar McCorkell McCorkle McCormack McCormick McCoskey McCown McCoy McCray McCreery McCrery McCroskey McCue McCulloch McCullock McCullough McCune McCurdy McCutchan McCutchen McCutcheon McDade McDaniel McDead McDonald McDowell McElroy McElvanny McElwee McElwrath McFadden McFaddin McFall McFarland McFarlane McFeeters McGaffock McGarry McGee McGill McGilvray McGlaflin McGlamery McGlammery McGlaughlin McGraw McGuffin McIlree McIlvain McIntire McIntosh McKamy McKee McKemy McKenny McKensey McKenzie McKesson McKinney McKinny McKitrick McKnight McKoskry McLaughlin McLeas McLeer McMahon McMillen McMinn McMullan McMullen McMullin McMullins McMurtry McNabb McNair McNeil McNight McNutt McPheeters McQuain McQueen McTear McWhorter McWilliams Mede Means Meck Meddings Meek Meeks Mefford Mell Mellen Melrose Melton Menker Menzies Merit Meritt Merit Merritt Mesner Messersmith Messmaker Meyers Michael Michel Michie Middleton Miely Miller Milliken Mills Milsap Milton Mims Mines Minga Mingo Minick Minnick Minnis Miser Mitchel Mitchell Mizener Mizer Moeler Moffet Moffett Moffette Mohler Mohr Moirs Molds Moneymaker Monroe Montgomerie Montgomery Mood Moon Mooney Moony Moor Moore Moorman Moredock Morel Morgan Morrell Morris Morrison Morriss Morrow Morton Mosby Moses Moss Mount Mowbray Mowrer Mowrey Mowry Moyer Moyers Muchmore Muck Mulholland Mulinx Mulnix Mummer Muncy Murphy Murray Murry Meyrs Mynes Myres Nabours Naher Nair Nales Neal Near Nebergall Neere Neighborrgall Neighbourgall Neill Neislon Neizer Nelson Nesbet Nesbit Ness Nest Nevins New Newcomb Newell Newham Newlan Newlen Newman Newton Nichol Nicholas Nichols Nicholson Nickel Nickenson Nickey Nickle Nickoles Nigle Nimerick Nimmo Nixon Noffinger Noland Nolin Noll Nonyer North Norton Nutty Nyman O’Kane Oakley Ocheltree Odell Oder Oehler Offlinder Offlighter Offord Ohrbough Oldham Olinger Oliver Olves Ong Orbison Orbough Orebaugh Orebough Orner Orr Orrele Osborne Ott Ougheltree Overshiner Owens Owie Padget Page Paine Painter Palmer Pannel Pannell Panzle Papper Parent Paris Parks Parmer Parr Parratt Parrent Parris Parry Parson Parsons Pary Pateson Patrick Patterson Patton Pauf Pauff Paul Pauley Paulus Pauss Paxton Payne Peaco Pearce Pearey Pearsen Pearson Peatt Peck Pecker Pecot Peebles Peer Peerie Peery Pelter Pence Pendell Pendleton Pennell Penrose Peples Pepperley Percy Perkey Perkins Perry Peters Peterson Petty Peyatt Peyton Pfifer Phagan Phifer Philips Phillips Pickering Pickle Pickral Pifer Pillson Pilson Pine Pinkerton Piper Pirkey Pitman Pitzer Platt Plecker Plumb Plunket Plunkett Poage Pockrott Poe Poindexter Pointer Points Pollard Pollock Pool Porter Porterfield Posey Potter Potts Poulas Powell Powers Powlas Prewer Price Printz Prior Probst Props Propst Pryor Ptomey Ptomy Puckett Pue Puff Puffenbarger Puffenberry Puffinbarger Pugh Puls Pumphrey Pursell Quick Raab Rabb Rabern Rader Radner Rady Rafferty Ragan Ragen Ragland Raidner Raines Ralston Ramsay Ramsbottom Ramsey Ramsy Randal Randolph Ranicks Ranken Rankin Ransbarger Ransberger Ranson Rapp Rauch Rauly Rawley Ray Rayburn Reaburn Ready Reah Reburne Red Redder Redifer Rediford Redman Redmond Redner Rednour Reece Reed Reese Reeser Reeves Reglor Regon Reid Reidenour Reif Reiff Reignheart Reimensnyder Reiser Reitenour Rennick Repetoe Resley Resors Reubush Revercomb Reyburn Reynolds Rezer Rhea Rhinehart Rhoades Rhodes Rhyan Rice Richards Richardson Richeson Richey Rickett Riddle Rife Rigby Riley Rimel Rine Rinehart Riner Ringuson Rippetoe Ript Risk Ritchey Rittenhouse Ritter Roach Roadcap Roades Roads Roberts Robertson Robinson Robison Rodchers Rode Rodenheizer Rodes Rodgers Rogers Roland Roler Roles Rolestone Roller Rolston Roop Roople Root Roots Rosenbarger Ross Roudabush Roudenbush Rough Row Rowe Rowh Rowland Rowler Royer Rozen Rubush Ruddle Ruff Ruhle Rumbough Runkel Runkle Runnels Runnolds Rupe Rupert Ruple Rush Rusht Rusk Rusmisel Rusmisle Rusmissel Russel Russell Russmassell Rust Rutherford Rutledge Rutlidge Rutt Ryan Ryanhart Ryder Safley Salvage Sampson Samuels Sanders Sandy Sansebough Saufley Saunders Savage Sawyers Saxon Sayers Scantland Schenbly Scholl Schooler Schoue Scott Screle Scribner Scrogden Scull Scylor Seal Searaight Searight Sears Seawright Seftle Seig Seldomredg Seldomridge Sellers Selling Sensabaugh Sensebaugh Sensebough Sensibaugh Seiver Sewall Sewell Seylor Shackelford Shafer Shaffer Shalley Shally Shaner Shank Shankland Shanklin Shannon Sharp Sharret Shaver Shaw Sheaffer Shearley Shedden Sheets Sheetz Sheffer Sheigis Shell Shelley Shelly Shelman Sheltman Shelton Shempe Shepard Shephard Shepherd Sherley Sherly Sherman Sherrets Sherror Shettman Shetz Shewe Shewy Shibley Shickel Shields Shiflet Shiflett Shindler Ship Shiplet Shipman Shipton Shirer Shirey Shirfey Shirley Shoemaker Shoemate Shonk Shore Shoritz Short Shott Shotts Shotwell Shoue Shoults Shoultz Shover Showalter Shown Shreckhise Shreve Shriver Shroader Shropshire Shuby Shue Shuey Shull Shultz Shumate Shura Shutler Shyrigh Siddons Sieg Silings Silknatre Silknitter Silling Sillings Silor Silvers Simbro Simmerman Simmon Simmons Simpson Sims Sink Siron Sisler Sites Sitlington Sively Skelton Skillern Skiner Skyles Slagel Slagle Slanker Slaten Slaughter Slaven Sligh Sloane Slone Sluser Slusher Sly Slye Small Smallshoffer Smiley Smiltzer Smily Smith Snapp Snedgar Sneders Snedicor Sneed Snell Snideman Snider Snodgrass Snyder Solleday Somer Sorrells Sorrels Sours Soughard Southwood Sowers Spangler Spatts Spear Spearing Spears Speck Speers Spence Spencer Sperry Spicer Spindle Spinkle Spitler Sponter Spotts Sprigs Spring Springer Sprinkle Sproul Sprouse Sprowl StClair StJohn Staggs Standforth Stanton Staples Stark Starks Start Staubus Stauffer Staunly Staunton Steel Steele Steigle Stephen Stephens Stephenson Sterlinger Sterret Sterrett Sterrit Sterritt Stevens Stevenson Steward Stewart Sticer Stickleman Stickley Stiegle Stiff Stiles Stockdale Stogall Stofer Stoffer Stokes Stombock Stone Stoner Story Stoudamire Stoutamire Stoutamoyer Stover Strain Strane Street Stribling Strickland Strickler Strine Stoader Strong Stuart Stull Stulzer Stunkard Sturm Suddarth Sullivan Summer Summers Supple Surber Surface Swab Swang Swank Swartsley Swartz Swartzel Swartzley Swats Swatsley Swatzel Swatzley Swearingen Sweed Sweetz Swick Swink Swisher Switzer Swoope Swope Swords Syford Syfort Syler Sylor Symmerman Syple Syrcle Tacket Tackett Talbert Taliaferor Taliaferro Talley Tallman Tally Taner Tankersley Tankesley Tanner Tapp Tarbert Tascott Tate Taylor Teabo Teaford Teagle Teany Tebo Teebo Teeford Tees Teese Teford Teitrick Telfair Telford Temereman Templeton Teney Tennant Tenton Terrell Terrill Terry Teter Tetrick Tevenbaugh Tevenbough Thacker Tharp Thomas Thomason Thompson Thomson Thorp Throp Thurman Tiefenback Tiffany Tinkle Tisdale Todd Toeme Tole Tolmink Tomblinson Tomlinson Toms Toole Torbet Torbett Towberman Towel Towell Towerman Townsend Trainer Trainum Travis Trayer Tremper Trencher Trent Trible Trimble Trobaugh Trobough Trorabaugh Trorebach Trorebaugh Trotter Troughrobaugh Trout Troxal Troxall Troxel Troxell Trump Tucker Tuening Tumbleston Tumblin Tummins Turk Turner Turnins Turnipseed Tuttle Tutwiler Tweedy Tyerie Ulery Ulrick Underwood Usher Ustler Utsler Utz Vachub Valentine Vance Vancent Vanfosen Vanfossen Vanlear Vanosdal Vanosdale Vanpelt Vansical Vanstaven Vantrump Varley Varner Varnum Vauchob Vaughn Venable Vernon Vernum Via Vians Vickers Vigar Vines Waddell Waddle Waddy Wade Wadsworth Wagey Waggener Waggoner Waggy Wagner Wagoner Waid Waide Wakely Wakle Walace Walch Walker Walkup Wall Wallace Walls Walsh Walters Walton Waltz Wandless Wanlis Ward Wardlaw Ware Warley Warner Warren Warrenburgh Warrick Warris Wartsook Warwick Waseman Waserman Washington Wason Waterman Walters Watkins Watson Watts Way Wayland Wayt Wead Weade Weast Weathers Weaver Web Webb Weckle Weed Weeks Weer Wehn Weickel Weiford Weigant Weigle Weikle Weir Weirly Weitzel Weitzell Welch Weles Weller Welsh Wenger Wenner Weri Werley Wesit West Western Weston Wetzel Wheelbarger Wheeler Wheeling Wherley Whetesel Whisler Whisman Whist Whitaker White Whitemore Whitesell Whiteside Whitesides Whitlock Whitmore Whitsal Whitsel Whitsell Whitzel Wickle Wicle Wiekle Wiferd Wikel Wilds Wilen Wiles Wiley Wilfong Wilhelms Wilkerson Will Willfong Williams Williamson Willis Wills Willson Wilson Wily Wimer Wims Windle Windsor Wine Winefield Winegar Winegardner Wineinger Wines Wingfield Winters Wise Wisehart Wiseman Wishart Witherow Withrow Whitsal Witsel Witts Woland Wolf Wolfe Woltz Wolwine Wombledorf Wonderlake Wonderlick Wood Woodall Wooddell Woodell Woodram Woods Woodson Woodward Woolard Woolf Woolwine Worh Woventuery Wright Wyan Wyand Wyatt Wykle Wyms Xaupi Yager Yancey Yancy Yarberry Yates Yeagly Yeaky Yearour Yearouse Yearout Yonas Yorkshire Yost Youel Youell Young Younger Younkard Yount Youstler Youtzler Zahns Zee Zeller Zimbro Zimmerman Zink Zumbro Zwitchel

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