Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Book Review: "Augusta County Virginia Marriages 1747-1850" with Last Name Index A-L

The following is a summary of the last name index, A-L, of John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr.'s "Augusta County Virginia Marriages 1747-1850." Entries show both bride and groom's names, marriage bond or license date and sometimes witnesses, consents and other items of interest. This is a soft cover reprint by New Papyrus Co. of Athens, Georgia of a 1986 original, contains 414 pages plus figures, appendices & fold-out map. Augusta County was formed from Orange County in 1738 and originally encompassed all western lands of Virginia beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains and south of Frederick County. This book contains a total of 5,244 marriage records including bonds, licenses and/or minister's returns.

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FYI, the book you would get contains all letters A-Z but I broke them up here into two posts so they would not look so long.

Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "Hawkins, Alexander & Jane Guinn 30 Aug 1832; min - William Calhoon"
  • "Hays, Richard & Rachel Risk 27 Dec 1792; d. Elizabeth Stuart, who consents wit - Charles Stuart (Stewart) & John Risk b - John Risk min - John Brown - 24 Jan 1793"
The following is a list of names made from the surname frequency index at the front of the book:

Abernathy Abney Acker Acord Adair Adams Adkins Aerion Agnue Ailer Ailor Ailshire Alistrop Aistrop Akerly Alderman Aldoffer Alexander Alfrod Alfort Alfred Alinger Alison Allason Allbright Allen Allinger Allison Almarode Almenrode Almerode Almonroade Almorode Alor Althaffer Amen Amend Amon Ancell Anderson Andrew Andrews Any Apley Apple Appleby Arbast Arbocast Arbogast Arbuckle Archdaton Archdeacon Arehart Arganbright Argebright Argenbright Arginbright Arion Arisman Armantrout Armentrout Armintrout Armontrout Armstrong Arnall Arnold Ashby Asherd Askins Astal Asten Aston Attershall Aughe Aukes Austin Aylor Bachelor Back Backenstoe Backley Badger Bagby Bailey Bailor Baily Bain Bains Baird Baker Balard Balbzell Baldwin Ball Ballar Ballard Ballew Balman Balmer Balsley Baltzer Balzley Bander Banes Barbour Barclay Bare Barger Barker Barkley Barley Barnes Barnet Barnett Barnhart Barns Barrett Barrigar Barry Bartley Baskin Baskins Batcheller Bateman Bates Baties Batis Battow Baumgartner Bawcutt Baxter Baylor Baynes Bazzle Beal Bealy Beam Bean Bear Beard Beasley Beaten Beaty Beck Beery Beeton Behler Beith Bekane Bell Bengas Benner Bennett Benson Berkeley Berlin Berrier Berry Berryhill Bertrum Besse Best Betty Bibb Bibe Bibee Bible Biby Bickerstoff Bickerton Bickle Bigger Bilheimer Billheimer Billhymer Bing Bingham Bird Bishop Bittle Bitzell Black Blackamore Blackburn Blackeley Blacker Blackmore Blackwell Blackwood Blain Blair Blake Blakely Blakemore Blakly Blane Bleaker Bleakley Bleakly Blear Blewitt Bogas Bohannon Boils Bollar Bolls Bolsley Bolton Bookhamer Boon Boone Booz Borden Boreland Borland Borrigar Bosang Bosserman Boswell Botkin Botkins Botram Bott Bouler Bourland Bowen Bower Bowers Bowls Bowman Bowyer Boyd Boyer Boyers Boyles Boys Braden Bradshaw Brady Brafford Braford Bragg Branaman Brand Braneman Branen Branham Bratten Bratton Brawford Brawley Bray Breckenridge Breckinridge Breden Bredin Breesland Breeze Breezeley Breverd Brew Brewer Brian Brians Brice Bridge Bridger Bridget Bridgett Brien Bright Brightwell Brilhart Brisco Brison Brittain Britten Britton Brobeck Brocius Brockman Brodhurst Brooback Brook Brooke Brooking Brooks Broom Brosius Brothers Brower Browers Brown Brownfield Browning Brownlee Bruback Brubeck Bruce Bruffey Brukmann Brunk Bruntain Bryan Bryans Baryant Buchanan Buckley Buckman Buckner Buks Bulcher Bull Bumgardner Bumgarner Bunch Burch Burdett Burgentine Burges Burgess Burk Burkart Burke Burkentine Burket Burkett Burkhart Burkholder Burner Burnes Burnett Burns Burnsides Burrus Burton Burwell Bush Bushong Buster Butt Byer Byerly Byers Bywaters Cali Cain Calahan Calbraith Calbreath Caldbreath Caldwell Cale Caler Cales Calhoon Call Callaghan Calleson Callison Calvert Cambden Campbell Cameron Campbell Camper Cannady Canole Canote Cantley Caphart Carcofe Carden Carell Carey Cargo Carhart Carico Caricofe Carlile Carlos Carlyle Carnal Carothers Carpenter Carr Carrethers Carrico Carricof Carricofe Carrington Carrol Carroll Carson Carter Cartmill Caruthers Carwell Cary Casaday Cash Cashaw Casidy Caslen Cason Casper Cassady Castleman Catling Caufman Caul Caulk Cave Cawley Cawly Cawthron Cease Cesterson Chambers Chandler Chaplain Chaplin Chapman Cheatham Chestnut Chestnutt Childers Chrisman Christian Christopher Churchman Clark Clarke Clarkson Clayton Claytor Clemans Clemants Clemens Clements Clemer Clemmens Clemmons Clemons Click Clide Cliff Clifton Cline Clinebill Clinedinst Clinetinch Clinginpeel Clinon Cloverfield Cloyd Clyne Clynes Coalter Coatney Cochran Cocke Cockran Cockrell Coffey Coffman Cofney Coger Coiner Colbreath Colbreth Coldbreath Cole Coleman Coley Collins Coltrider Coly Comerford Commens Compton Conal Conell Conklin Connally Connaway Connell Connelly Connely Conner Connor Connoway Conova Conrod Conway Cook Cooke Cooper Coorsy Copehaver Copeland Corby Cord Corry Coruthers Cosley Coughenour Coulter Coursey Cowan Cowdon Cowger Cowman Cox Coyner Craig Craine Cramer Crane Crathers Craun Cravens Crawford Crawn Creek Creiner Cress Cribbins Crick Crickenbarger Crigler Crips Criser Crist Criswell Croan Crobarger Croft Crombaker Crombick Cromer Cromwell Crone Crookshanks Croom Croome Crosby Crosen Cross Crossin Crouch Crouse Croushorn Crow Crowbarger Crown Crum Crumbacker Crumbaker Crump Crumpacker Crumpecker Cullen Cullon Culp Culpt Culton Cumins Cummins Cundiff Cunningham Cup Cupp Cupps Cups Curby Curren Curry Cury Cushing Cushingberry Cusin Dachen Dack Dacke Daft Daggey Daggy Dale Dalhouse Dalton Dameron Dane Daniels Dannell Danner Danser Darow Darst Daugherty David Davidson Davies Davis Davison Dawson Day Deal Deam Dean Deane Deary Decker Decrisen Dedamore Deeds Deemster Deitz Dellon Delly Delman Delter Delzell Demasters Denison Denizen Denney Dennis Dennison Denny Depriest Dequeza Derrough Despar Desper Detamore Detrick Dettemore Devenbough Devericks Deverix Devine Dice Dick Dickenson Dickerson Dickey Dickinson Dickson Dicky Diddle Didell Dietrick Dill Dillan Diller Dillon Dinkle Dinnison Dinsmore Dinwiddie Dixon Doack Doage Doak Doake Dobage Dobbs Dodson Dohine Dohm Doke Dold Dolino Dollen Dollhouse Dolton Donaghe Donehe Donaho Donahugh Donaldson Donally Donalson Donaphan Donavan Donavin Donefin Donnaly Donnell Donnelly Donoho Donovan Doom Dooms Doren Dorman Dougherty Douglas Douglass Douthat Dove Dowell Dowling Downey Doyle Driskell Driver Drum Drumgold Drummond Dryden Dudleston Dudley Duffield Duke Dull Dun Dunahugh Dunbar Dunlap Dunlop Dunn Dunwiddie Duval Dyer Eagal Eagan Eagle Eagon Eakard Eakel Eakerman Eakin Eakle Earhart Earley Early East Eastham Eaton Eccard Eccord Echard Echord Eckard Edde Edgar Edgecomb Edmiston Edmonds Edmondson Edmonson Edmunds Edmundson Edson Edwards Eeast Effinger Egnew Eidsell Eidson Eikord Ekerson Elinger Ellery Ellet Ellinger Elliot Elliott Ellis Elmore Elsey Elstock Emmery Emmett Emmitt Engard Engleman Engleton English Eppard Epply Ergebright Erinaund Ervin Ervine Erwin Erwine Eskrige Estill Estis Etter Eubank Eurick Euritt Evan Evans Eve Evelsizer Everhart Eversole Evilsiser Evy Ewell Ewin Ewing Ewings Faber Fackler Fadely Faegely Fagus Faidley Fairbairn Fairberman Fairburn Fall Falls Fallwider Farish Farmer Farr Farrow Fauber Faucet Faulber Faundree Fauver Fawber Fawcet Fawner Faynsight Feamster Fellers Fellows Felps Fennel Fenton Fertig Fetzer Fielding Fife Fifer Fimster Finely Finla Finley Finly Firebaugh Firebough Fishburn Fishburne Fisher Fitch Fitz Fitzgerald Fitzpatrick Fix Fizar Flack Fleiger Fleisher Fleming Flemming Flesher Fletcher Flinn Flory Flowers Fogel Foglesang Foley Forber Forbes Forbish Forbush Foreman Forer Forrest Forsythe Fort Fortune Foster Fouber Fourber Foutz Fowler Fowtick Fox Fraim Frainer Frame France Frances Francis Francisco Frankam Frankum Franzman Fraser Fravel Frazer Frazier Fream Freed Freeland Freeman Frely French Frenger Fretwell Frey Fridley Friel Frogg Fronsman Fry Fuchs Fudge Fuler Fulks Fuller Fulton Fultz Fulewider Fulwider Funk Funkhoser Funkhouser Funston Fur Furr Gabart Gabbert Gabert Gabhart Gaines Galbraith Galen Galespy Gall Gambell Gamble Gamwell Gerber Gardiner Gardner Garhenour Garmen Garmon Garnes Garnett Garretson Garrison Garton Garvey Garvin Gates Gatewood Gaugh Gay Gayhart Geating Geeding Geeting Gelston Gentry George Geralds Gerhart Gette Gibbons Gibson Gilbert Gilbraith Giles Gilkerson Gilkeson Gillaspie Gillaspy Gilleat Gillespie Gillespy Gilliam Gilliat Gillis Gillum Gilmore Gipson Given Givens Givins Gladden Gladwell Glass Glassburn Glendy Glenn Glover Glutz Goah Gochenauer Gochenour Goff Goin Going Goings Goins Gold Golladay Golloday Gongwer Gonwer Gooch Good Goodlink Goodnight Goodrich Goodwin Gordan Gorden Gordon Gorrell Gowing Gragg Graham Grandie Grant Grass Gratton Graves Gray Greaver Green Greenwood Greer Greever Gregery Gregory Greiner Greiver Greogry Gresham Grever Grice Griever Griffeth Griffey Griffin Griffith Griggs Grigsby Grill Grim Grimm Griner Grinstead Grips Groah Groff Groom Grooms Grose Grove Groves Grow Grub Guffy Guiller Guin Guinn Gully Gum Gunnell Gunning Gutherie Guthrey Guthrie Gutshall Guy Gwin Gwinn Haffner Hafner Hagar Hagarty Hager Hagerty Hain Haines Hains Halbert Haldeman Halderman Hale Hall Ham Hamaker Hambleton Hamd Hamer Hamilton Hamm Hammaker Hamp Hampton Hamrick Hanah Hance Handly Hanger Hanke Hankie Hanlen Hanna Hannah Hansbarger Hansel Hansell Hanzele Hapener Hapner Harbarger Harberger Harbison Hardbarger Harden Harding Hardshell Hardwick Hardy Hare Haring Harland Harlow Harman Harmon Harner Harness Harnest Harnsbarger Harnsberger Haroff Harouf Harouff Harper Harrigan Harris Harrison Harrow Harry Harsbarger Harshall Harshaw Harshman Hart Hartigan Hartman Hartshooke Hartsook Hartzo Harvey Harvie Harzog Hashaw Haskins Haslet Haslett Hassafluck Hasterson Hatfield Hatten Hatton Haup Haupe Hawk Hawkins Hawp Hawpe Hay Haybarger Hayes Hays Hazelip Head Headly Headrick Hearn Hearse Heatherley Heaton Hedebough Hedrick Hedwick Heiden Heise Heiser Heisey Heiskell Heitzer Heizer Helm Helmick Helms Hemp Hempenstall Henderson Hendren Henkel Henkle Henn Henry Hensley Hepler Heppard Herdman Hering Herndon Hernsberger Heron Herpine Herren Herrin Herring Herron Heslet Hess Hesterson Heyden Hibbert Hickell Hicklin Hickok Hicks Hide Hides Hiestand Higgason Higginbotham Higs Hilberd Hildebrand Hill Hillary Hillis Hiltebrand Hincey Hind Hinds Hine Hiner Hines Hiney Hinkle Hinton Hipard Hipes Hippard Hippart Hiser Hite Hively Hizer Hobock Hodge Hodges Hofe Hofert Hoff Hoffert Hog Hogan Hogg Hogsett Hogshead Holderman Holladay Hollaway Hollis Holmes Holt Holton Holtz Homes Hood Hoof Hook Hooke Hooks Hoopman Hoover Hope Hopewell Hopkins Hopper Hopping Horn Horne Hortshough Hottle Houchins Houdashell Houdishell Houf Houff Houghobout Houser Houseright Houston Howard Howdasher Howdeshell Howell Hoye Hubard Hubbard Hudlaw Hudlow Hudson Hueston Huff Huffer Huffert Huffman Hufford Hufman Hugart Hugghart Hughart Hughes Hulet Hulett Huling Hull Hulvey Humbert Hume Humes Humphrey Humphreys Hunley Hunter Hupman Hurst Hushour Husk Huston Hutchens Hutchenson Hutcheson Hutchins Hutchison Hyatt Hycarser Hyde Hyden Hyland Hynes Imboden Ingleman Ingles Ingleton Ingram Insle Irvine Irwin Isaacs Iseman Isenhousher Jackson James Jameson Jamison Jarvis Jenkins Jennings Jewell Joh John Johns Johnson Johnston Jollett Jonas Jones Jordan Joseph Jourdan Journal Judd Jurtz Kaiger Kale Kanely Karahoof Karichoff Karichoof Karicofe Karikoff Karracofe Karricofe Karricoff Kasterson Kaufelt Kayser Kearns Kee Keen Keenan Keener Keenon Keeran Keeth Keiser Keith Keizer Kellar Keller Kellor Kelly Kelsey Kelso Kenady Kendall Kendle Keneday Kenedy Kennaday Kennady Kennedy Kennerley Kennerly Kenney Kenny Kent Keran Kerr Kershe Kershner Kersner Kesseker Kesterson Keys Keyser Kiblinger Kice Kidd Kiger Kilkenny Killian Kilpatrick Kincaid Kinder Kindig Kindred King Kinkade Kinkaid Kinkead Kinnear Kinney Kinny Kinsolving Kiplinger Kiracofe Kirby Kirchkoff Kirchoff Kirk Kirkland Kirkpatrick Kirtley Kise Kiser Kisner Kister Kitch Kite Kline Klingenpeel Klinginpeal Klingingpeel Klutz Knave Knowles Knowls Kohler Koiner Koogler Koontz Kootz Kraun Krawn Krickenbarger Krizer Kroll Krone Krown Kuhns Kule Kunkel Kurtz Kyger Kyle Larue Lafland Lahman Lainey Lair Laird Lamay Lamb Lambard Lambert Lamey Lamms Lanack Lancaster Lance Lanckton Landes Landess Landis Landiss Lange Langford Lankford Lansaw Lantern Lantin Laporte Larew Larner Larrick Lashbaugh Lauks Lavel Lavell Lavender Laverty Law Lawell Lawrence Lawson Laymore Layton Laywell Lea Leaguet Lear Leas Leckie Leddick Ledegay Lee Leedy Leeper Leeser Leffley Lefler Lehman Lemmon Lemmy Lemon Leonard Leopard Lerew Lesley Lessley Lessly Letcher Letshew Levick Levinston Lewis Licks Life Liggett Lightner Likes Lilley Linch Linck Lincoln Lindel Ling Lingsweiler Link Linn Linsey Liptrap Litten Litteral Littlepage Lively Livick Livingston Lobban Lockbridge Lockhart Lockridge Loeffler Loetz Loffties Loftus Logan Lohr Long Lookelbough Looney Loop Loots Lootz Lortz Lott Lotts Lottz Lotz Loucks Loudermilk Louks Louney Loushback Love Lovegrove Lovel Lovell Lovingood Lowdermilk Lowe Lowery Lowman Lowrets Lowrey Lowry Lowtermilk Loyd Lucas Luck Luffler Lukeden Lunsford Lushbough Lusk Lutz Lyle Lynch Lynn Lyon Lyons

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