Friday, August 29, 2008

Family Tree Maker 2009 - Free Upgrade!

If you have a copy of Family Tree Maker 2008 and have not registered so now. According to the Generations Network:

"...we’re giving our loyal Family Tree Maker 2008 customers a free upgrade to 2009. Last year around this time we released Family Tree Maker 2008. There was some initial customer dissatisfaction with the functionality in that release. We heard from customers who felt they didn’t receive what they were expecting. Over the past year, we’ve listened carefully to their feedback and have added many new features in the form of free patches which have been enthusiastically received. Family Tree Maker 2009 has even more features and functions that were not in previous patches...In the next few weeks, Family Tree Maker 2008 registrants will receive an email with a one-time-use coupon that can be redeemed for a free version of Family Tree Maker 2009..."

At least they are trying!

If you did not buy 2009, you can order it here...

Family Tree Maker 2009


Tom said...

So, where is the email offering this? I've been regestried with my version of 08, since it frist came out! I've yet to hear one thing about an upgrade. I just stumbled across this website. Seems to me that the more they upgrade and the more expensive ancestry gets, they worse their features are. Hopefully something better will one day come along.

Kevin Lett said...

As far as I know, the e-mail has not gone out yet. I am also registered and have not received it. I do know that a 2009 release is coming soon. I was a BETA tester for 2008 and 2009 and we have already tested what they called the final release. It should not be too long now I would imagine. Kevin