Thursday, August 07, 2008

Donation Button

I wanted to point out that I have added a new donation button to the top and bottom, right side of the page. Some people might think this is tacky but others find it helpful. I spend a lot of time and money on genealogy and try to share a lot of what I find. I answer hundreds of e-mails per month and try to do as many look ups as I can, pretty much for free.

I run a little bit of advertising on the site but none of it brings in much money. I try to get enough to cover my expenses but I am usually in the hole each month.

Why do I do what I do if it does not make much if any money? Why did I give up doing paid research for the most part? The answer...because I have a lot of knowledge in my brain about Virginia genealogy and general techniques that I should share. Other people taught me along the way so I feel the need to do the same. If I had more money, I could get access to more records to share and maybe hire people to do transcriptions.

If you ever have the urge to donate to the project, now it is a little bit easier. You can use these links to pay with PayPal or major credit card. If you would like to send a check or money order, you can do so to the address below:

Virginia Family Tree
PO Box 830
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060-0830

Please do not feel obligated to send anything, I just do not want to stand in your way if you do!

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