Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DNA Test Example Video

I finally put together the video we took of Charlie Brock taking his genetic genealogy DNA test from Family Tree DNA. It is pretty short and only shows one of the three swabs he had to perform. They are all essentially the same so no big loss on your part. You will get the idea of how easy and painless the process can be from what you see. I also try to give a little bit of advice on how to give the best samples possible.

The video quality is not great because I have hosted it at YouTube. You should be able to view it by clicking in the middle of the video displayed below. If you are reading this over an e-mail or RSS reader, you will probably have to come to the Virginia Family Tree site to see it.

The test was taken during my son's first birthday party, you will notice the decorative table cloth. There is also a lot of muffled background noise. I left it in there since everyone is pretty much making small comments about the test. Despite all of the distractions, Charlie manages to take the Family Tree DNA test without any problems.

There is one funny twist to the video but you will have to watch it to see what I mean...

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