Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cemetery Vandalism and Theft Alert

There was an article in yesterday's USA Today about thieves looting cemeteries for metal. It seems that prices for copper, brass and bronze have skyrocketed. People are going into cemeteries and stealing vases, tombstones, ornaments and even vault doors. They are then smashing or melting the items, beyond recognition, and selling them for scrap. Someone even stole a set of brass gates from a mausoleum, weighing over 1,ooo pounds! This is apparently a very organized and lucrative operation.

People are also apparently stealing angels, urns and gates to sell as folk art or garden statues.

Keep an eye out for anyone you see that looks suspicious in a cemetery. I image that a lot of this happens at night so report any strange activity to local law enforcement. If the economy continues to slide, I imagine this trend will only get worse.

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