Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Burwell or Spurlock

I received great a photo and e-mail from an Asiila Gardner that I would like to pass along. Anyone with information on these individuals, please post your comments below:


I am not a Burwell. But the Burwells were apparently a very generous family that helped african americans in the Salem/Roanoke region. The Burwells, in fact, actually gave land to my ancestors, The SPURLOCKS on or near main street in Salem. My grandmother, Helen Spurlock recently died at the age of 94. The attached picture was found in her artifacts. We're not sure which of the men in the picture is her particular ancestor, but one of them is. It's possible that the older white man is 'daddy Spurlock' (many of the 'black' men around him are obviously his sons) or if he is a Burwell ancestor who the Spurlocks worked for.

I posted this pic on the Spurlock site as well, but so far no one can ID anyone. Perhaps a Burwell geneologist can? I have more information about the Burwell/Spurlock connection, but will wait to hear from you before i share it. Do you know where else i can look to find out how to ID this pictures?



If Asiila passes along more information, I will add it to the bottom of this post.


August 21, 2008 - Asiila sent a little more information that I will add here:

First of all, check out this link "The Burwells Move Their Slaves"

If you would like to contact Asiila, you can send e-mail to zaujababa2@yahoo.com.


Kim Spurlock said...

Hi, my name is Kim Spurlock, I am married into the Spurlock Family in Ohio, I beleive the white man in the photo is " Burwell Spurlock" All my Husbands aunts and Uncles has his photo in their homes and is their great great great grandfather. I know he had 15 kids all boys with 3 boys dying young. Don't really know about the black men.

Karla Spurlock-Evans said...

Hi Kim,

Could you find out from your husband's aunts and uncles whether there is a relationship between Burwell Spurlock and Nathaniel or Charles Burwell? Nathaniel was the owner of a large plantation in Salem, Virginia. My forebears were raised on this plantation, and the patriarch of our family, Shirley Spurlock is either the distinguished looking black man with the white hair and beard seated next to the man you believe to be Burwell Spurlock or the black man standing behind, second from the right (as we view the picture). Those two men were brothers, one Shirley, the other Moses. They bought land from Charles Burwell in 1868 at a land auction. There is evidence that there were good relations and mutual respect between these Spurlock brothers and the Burwells.
I believe the posted picture may have been taken circa 1880s.

Any oral history or research collected would be appreciated.