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Book Review: "Lunenburg County, Virginia Marriages 1750-1853" with Last Name Index A-M

The following is a summary of the last name index of John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr.'s Lunenburg County, Virginia Marriages 1750-1853, 174 pages, appendices, figure, chart and map. Lunenburg County was created in 1746 from a portion of Brunswick County. 2,435 marriage records are reflected in the current volume. They are drawn from a variety of primary sources, including copies of typed bonds in the county court house (the original bonds are missing), scattered ministers' returns in will and deed books, and microfilm records in the Virginia State Library, Archives Division. Two appendices provide a date frequency and a listing of all ministers reporting returns. This is a soft cover reprint of a 1988 original, printed by New Papyrus Co. of Athens, Georgia.

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FYI, the book you would get contains all letters A-Z but I broke them up here into two posts so they would not look so long.

Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "Callis Pamelia F & Samuel W Oslin 17 Apr 1843; b - Gary Thompson min - John C Blackwell - 21 Apr 1843"
  • "Rainey Francis & Cissly M Gee 8 Jan 1847; date approximate min - Daniel Petty - from return list dated 8 Feb 1847"
The following is a list of names made from the surname frequency index at the front of the book:

Abernathy Abrham Adams Addams Adin Aiken Aikins Aikins Akin Alday Alderson Alexander Allen Alling Almond Alston Ambrose Ames Amos Anders Anderson Andrews Apperson Arms Armstrong Arnold Arvin Ashley Ashworth Atkins Atkinson Atwell Averett Averitt Avory Bacon Bagley Bailey Baines Baker Baldwin Ballard Banks Barksdale Barnes Barrow Barry Bartlett Barton Basbeck Bass Bates Batte Baugh Bayne Beach Bearick Bears Beaseley Beasley Bedford Beevers Belcher Bell Bellsher Bennett Bentley Bently Bethel Betts Beverley Beverly Bevis Biasse Bigger Billups Bing Birchett Bird Bishop Black Blackwell Blagrave Blagrove Blake Blankenship Blankinship Blanks Blanton Blunt Bohannon Bolling Booker Booth Boothe Borum Bose Boswell Bouldin Bowen Bowers Boze Brackett Bradley Bradshaw Bragg Brame Brammer Branagin Branch Brasel Breedlove Brent Bride Bridgeforth Brim Brindle Brinkle Brintle Brizentine Broadnax Broadway Brooks Browder Brown Brubb Bruce Brummer Bryant Brydie Buck Buckhannon Buchnall Buckner Buford Bugg Bullard Burge Burke Burke Burks Burnett Burnette Burton Burwell Bush Buster Butler Byars Byasse Byassee Byesee Byng Cabaness Cabaniss Cabiness Cain Calaham Caldwell Calib Callaham Calliham Callihan Callis Cameron Cammel Camp Campbell Cantalou Cardegill Cargill Carlton Carreer Carrington Carrol Carroll Carter Carver Caudil Caudle Cavender Cayce Chambers Chandler Chaney Chapman Chappell Chavens Chavers Chaves Cheaney Cheany Cheatham Chickley Chishom Chitton Christian Christopher Chumley Chumney Clabourn Cladwell Claiborne Clardy Clark Clarke Claughtoin Clay Clayton Clements Cleuverius Cobb Cocke Cockerham Cole Coleman Collier Collins Colly Colter Comer Connell Conner Cook Cooskey Cooper Cordle Cotter Couch Cousins Covington Cowan Cow Crafton Craghead Craig Craighead Cralle Craven Crawley Creath Creathe Crenshaw Crews Crittenden Cross Crow Crowder Crowe Crymes Cully Cumby Cunningham Cureton Cuttaloe Dabbs Dacux Dagnal Dagnall Dailey Dalton Daly Dance Daniel Dardin Davidson Davies Davis Day Dayley Degraffenreid Degraffenreidt Dedman Degraffenreid Deminan Denkens Denton Depriest Deshazor Dickes Dicks Dickson Dillingham Dixon Dizmang Dobbin Dobbins Dobbyns Dodd Dodson Doggett Doke Dowdy Dowsing Dozer Dozier Drake Dreskill Dudley Dunevant Duniman Dunman Dunn Dunnavant Dupree Eagles Earl Early East Eastham Echols Eckles Eddings Edmonds Edmondson Edmund Edmunds Edmundson Edwards Eggleston Egleton Elam Elder Eldor Eldridge Ellet Ellington Elliott Ellis Elmore Embry Epes Epperson Eppes Epps Erambert Erskine Esters Estes Eubank Evans Evens Falcon Fallin Farguson Farler Farley Farmer Farrar Farriss Fears Featherston Ferrell Figg Filbert Filbird Filboid Finch Fisher Fitzwilson Flinn Flipping Flournoy Floyd Ford Foster Fowles Franklin Freeman Frost Fulilove Fuqua Gafford Gaines Gallion Gandy Garland Garner Garratt Garrett Garrott Gary Gasquet Gaulding Gayle Gee Geers George Gill Gillet Gilliam Gillium Glascock Glasson Glen Glenn Gober Goin Gooch Goode Goodwin Goodwyn Goodwyne Gordon Gosee Gossee Graham Granger Grant Grear Green Gregg Gregory Griffin Grimes Grisham Guantney Gunn Gurney Gwatney Gwin Hailey Haines Haley Haly Hamblin Hamlet Hamlett Hamlin Hammock Hammonds Hammonds Hammons Hampton Haney Hankin Hankins Hanks Hann Hansbrough Hardie Harding Hardrick Hardwick Hardwicke Hardwood Hardy Harper Harris Harrison Harvey Harvy Harwood Haskins Hastin Hastings Hatchet Hatchett Hatchitt Hawkes Hawkins Hawthorn Hawthorne Hayes Haymore Haynes Hays Hazelwood Hazlewood Heath Hendrick Henry Herring Hicks Hight Hightower Hill Hilton Hines Hitchens Hitchings Hitchins Hite Hix Hobson Holmes Holt Hood Hoomes Hooper Hopkins Howard Hubbard Huddlestone Hudgin Hudgins Hudson Hughes Huling Hull Hundley Hunnicut Hurt Hutcherson Hutchinson Inge Ingram Innes Insco Irby Irvine Isbell Jackson Jameson Jarrett Jarrott Jefferson Jeffress Jenkins Jennings Jeter Johns Johnson Johnston Jones Jordan Jusco Justice Justis Kearsey Keats Keeling Keesee Keeth Keeton Kelly Key King Kirk Kirkland Knight Knott Lacey Ladd Laffoon Lamb Lambert Lamkin Lampkin Landrom Landrum Lanier Lawrence Lay Legrand Lee Lefoe Lemay Leonard Lertie Lester Lett Lewis Ligon Lipscomb Lock Locke Lockhead Logan Loury Love Lowery Lowry Lucas Lynch MacCaden MacKan Macan Maddox Maddux Mallery Mallory Malone Maloney Manley Manly Manson Marable Marr Marron Marrow Marshall Martin Mason Mathes Mathews Matthew Matthews Matthis Maury Maxey May Mayes Mayton McAlister McCargo McClaughlin McConico McConnico McCraw McCutcheon McCutcheson McFarland McIntire McKee McKenney McKie McKinney McLaughlin McMachen McQuaid McQuie Meadows Meanley Meanly Middleton Miller Mills Minor Mitchell Mize Mohorn Monday Monroe Moody Moon Moor Moore More Moreton Morgain Morgan Moring Moriset Morris Morrison Mosby Moseley Moses Moss Mount Mourning Mullins Munday Murrell Murrill

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