Thursday, August 07, 2008

Book Review: "Lunenburg County, Virginia Marriages 1750-1853" with Last Name Index N-Z

The following is a summary of the last name index of John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr.'s Lunenburg County, Virginia Marriages 1750-1853, 174 pages, appendices, figure, chart and map. Lunenburg County was created in 1746 from a portion of Brunswick County. 2,435 marriage records are reflected in the current volume. They are drawn from a variety of primary sources, including copies of typed bonds in the county court house (the original bonds are missing), scattered ministers' returns in will and deed books, and microfilm records in the Virginia State Library, Archives Division. Two appendices provide a date frequency and a listing of all ministers reporting returns. This is a soft cover reprint of a 1988 original, printed by New Papyrus Co. of Athens, Georgia.

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FYI, the book you would get contains all letters A-Z but I broke them up here into two posts so they would not look so long.

Here are two sample entries from the book:
  • "Callis Pamelia F & Samuel W Oslin 17 Apr 1843; b - Gary Thompson min - John C Blackwell - 21 Apr 1843"
  • "Rainey Francis & Cissly M Gee 8 Jan 1847; date approximate min - Daniel Petty - from return list dated 8 Feb 1847"
The following is a list of names made from the surname frequency index at the front of the book:

Nance Nash Neal Neathery Neblett Neele Nelson Neville Nevils Newbill Newby Niblett Nolley Norment Northington Norvell Nunnally Nunnerly Ogburn Old Oldham Oliver Ombs Oon Orgain Osborne Oslin Overby Overton Overtrhow Owen Page Palmer Palmore Pamplin Pampton Parham Parish Parker Parmer Parrish Parrott Parsons Patterson Patteson Pattillo Paylor Peace Pearcey Pearcy Pearson Pease Peaseley Peebles Pegram Penick Penn Pennington Peoples Perkerson Perkins Peterson Petteford Pettipool Pettus Petty Pettypool Pewett Phebe Philbeard Philips Phillips Pierce Piercy Pike Pilkinton Pillar Pinnel Pitman Poindexter Pointer Pollard Pollock Pool Popham Portwood Potter Poultney Powel Powell Powers Prewit Price Pride Priest Pritchett Procise Pryor Puckett Pugh Puller Pulley Pulliam Pully Pyle Queesberry Radford Ragsdale Rainey Ramsey Rand Randolph Raney Rash Rawlins Read Reams Reaves Redford Redman Redmon Redmond Reese Rhodes Richards Richardson Richie Riggin Riggins Riggons Rigigett Ritchee Rivers Roach Roads Roberts Robertson Robins Robinson Rodgers Roe Rogers Rose Ross Roslett Royall Ruckes Rucks Rudd Rudder Russell Rutherford Rutledge Rux Ryan Ryland Sadler Sale Samford Sammons Sanders Sands Sandys Saterfield Satterfield Satterwhile Saunders Scarbery Scarbrough Scire Scoggin Scot Scott Seamore Seay Sewal Shackelton Sharp Shaw Sheered Sheffield Shelborn Shelborne Shelburn Shelburne Shell Shelor Shelton Sheneberry Ship Shorter Shule Sikes Silts Simmons Sinclair Singleton Sire Skelton Skinner Slaughter Smith Smithson Snead Somerville Sowon Spain Sparks Spencer Stainback Stanback Stanley Staples Steagall Stegar Stembridge Stephenson Sterne Stevenson Steward Stewart Stokes Stone Stout Strange Street Sturdivant Sullivant Summers Swansberry Sweeney Swepstone Sydnor Syme Tabb Talbert Talley Tally Talor Tankersley Tanner Tarpley Tarry Tatom Tatum Taylor Terry Thacker Thackleton Thackston Thaxton Thomas Thompson Thornton Threatt Thrift Throckmorton Tisdale Todd Tomberlinson Tombs Tomlinson Toombs Toone Towers Towler Townsend Traynum Trotter Tubbyville Tucker Tunstall Tunstill Turleyfield Turner Turpin Twitty Ussery Vaden Valentine Vandyke Vaughan Venable Verser Vincent Vuahgan Wade Wagstaff Walker Wall Wallace Waller Walthall Walton Ward Warner Warren Washband Watkins Watson Watts Weakly Weatherford Weaver Webb Wells Welshe Westbrook Westmoreland Whalepool White Whitehead Whitlock Whitten Whittle Whitworth Wiggleworth Wilborn Wilkerson Wilkes Wilkins Wilkinson Wilks Willard Williams Williamson Willis Willmut Wills Willson Wilmoth Wilson Wimbish Winfree Winn Winningham Wionn Wise Witt Womack Wommack Wood Woodward Wooding Woodson Wooton Wootton Worsham Wrenn Wright Wriglesworth Wyatt Wynn Yancey Yarbrough Yates Young Zachary Zackary

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