Saturday, August 23, 2008

Book Review: "Brunswick County Virginia Marriages 1750-1853" with Last Name Index N-Z

The following is a summary of the last name index of John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr.'s Brunswick County Virginia Marriages 1750-1853. Entries show both bride and groom's names, marriage bond date and sometimes witnesses, consents and other items of interest. This is a soft cover reprint of a 1988 original, contains 296 pages plus figures, appendices & fold-out map, printed by New Papyrus Co. of Athens, Georgia. The early marriage records of this county do not begin until 1750. A total of 3,364 bonds have been transcribed covering the years 1750-1853. Also incorporated into these entries are ministers' returns whenever available.

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FYI, the book you would get contains all letters A-Z but I broke them up here into two posts so they would not look so long.

Here are two sample entries from the book:

"Perkins Joel & Lucy Jackson 27 Feb 1818; b - Green Jackson con - Ephraim Jackson, father wit - Green Jackson"
"Holderby Joseph & Lucy Brander 27 Jun 1797; b - John Jones min - Hubbard Saunders - 6 Jul 1797"

The following is a list of names made from the surname frequency index at the front of the book:

Nance Nancy Nanney Nanny Nash Neal Neale Neblett Newman Newsom Newsome Newsom Newton Niblett Nichols Nicholson Niel Nipper Niverson Noble Nobles Nolley Nolly Norris North Northington Norward Nunnally Oast Ogborne Ogburn Oldham Oliver Orgain Oslin Osmore Overby Ovwens Owens Ozmar Pace Pain Palmer Parham Parish Parker Parks Parrish Parsons Patterson Pattillo Paup Payne Paynor Peace Pearcey Pearcy Pearson Peebles Pegram Pelham Penick Penn Pennington Penticost Pepper Percevall Percivall Perkerson Perkins Perkinson Perry Person Persons Peterson Petillo Pettit Pettway Pettypool Phenix Philips Philipson Phillips Phipps Phoenix Pierce Piercy Pilkington Pinner Pitman Pittello Plunkett Poindexter Pollard Pool Porch Porsell Porter Potts Powell Power Powers Poythress Preston Price Pride Prince Pritchett Proch Proctor Pryor Pucey Puckett Pulliam Purdy Purkins Purkinson Puryear Putney Quarles Quinester Rachel Rachell Ragland Ragsdale Raines Rainey Ramsey Randle Randolph Raney Rash Rattenburg Ravescroft Rawling Rawlings Ray Read Reade Reaves Redding Reekes Reese Reid Reives Rhea Rhodes Rice Richardson Riddick Rideout Ridley Ridout Riece Rieves Rivers Rives Roberd Robertson Roberts Robertson Robins Robinson Rodgers Rogers Rollins Rook Roper Rose Ross Rosser Rouse Rowell Rowlett Ruffin Russel Russell Rylan Sadler Sakllkard Salmon Samford Sammonds Sammons Sanby Sanders Sanford Santy Sasem Saunders Scarborough Scarbrough Scoggin Scoggins Scott Seawell Sedberry Selden Seward Sexton Seymore Seymour Shadborne Shaperson Sharp Shelburne Shell Shelton Shepperson Ship Short Sills Simmons Simms Simpson Sims Singleton Skinner Slate Sledge Smiley Smily Smith Snead Sneed Southall Spain Speaks Spears Speed Speers Spencer Spicely Spilman Spurlock Stainback Stamper Standley Stanley Starke Steagall Steed Steele Stegal Steward Stewart Stith Stokes Stone Stradford Strange Stroud Stuart Sturdivant Sugett Suggett Suggitt Sykes Talley Tally Tanner Tansil Tarpley Tarver Tarwater Tatem Tatum Taylor Tazewell Temple Tensblum Thacker Theresta Thomas Thomason Thompson Thomson Thornton Threadgill Threat Thrift Thrower Thweatt Tilley Tillman Tilman Tinsbloom Tisdale Tomlinson Traylor Trice Trotter Tucker Tudor Tuell Turbefield Turbefill Tuberfill Turbeville Turbiville Turbyfill Turnbill Turner Twitty Tyus Underhill Upchurch Ussery Vaden Valentine Vallentine Vaughan Verell Vick Vincent Vines Wade Wainwright Walker Wall Wallace Waller Wallon Walton Walpole Walthall Walton Ward Warden Warmsley Warnock Warren Wartman Warwick Wasdol Washingtob Washington Watkins Watson Watts Weatherby Weathers Weaver Webb Wells Wesson West Westmoreland Whealer Wheeler Wheeller Whitaker Whitbey Whitby White Witechurch Whitehead Whitley Whitlock Whitt Whittemore Whittington Wilborne Wilburn Wilkenson Wilkerson Wilkes Wilkeson Wilkins Wilkinson Wilks Williams Williamson Willis Wills Willson Wilson Wiltshire Windham Winfield Winn Withers Wolff Womack Woodlief Woodroof Woodrough Woodruff Woodson Woodward Woolsey Worsham Wortham Worthington Wray Wren Wrenn Wright Wyatt Wyche Wynn Wynne Yargen Yates Yeargan Yeargin Young Zachary Zimmer

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