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Book Review: "Brunswick County Virginia Marriages 1750-1853" with Last Name Index A-M

The following is a summary of the last name index of John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr.'s Brunswick County Virginia Marriages 1750-1853. Entries show both bride and groom's names, marriage bond date and sometimes witnesses, consents and other items of interest. This is a soft cover reprint of a 1988 original, contains 296 pages plus figures, appendices & fold-out map, printed by New Papyrus Co. of Athens, Georgia. The early marriage records of this county do not begin until 1750. A total of 3,364 bonds have been transcribed covering the years 1750-1853. Also incorporated into these entries are ministers' returns whenever available.

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FYI, the book you would get contains all letters A-Z but I broke them up here into two posts so they would not look so long.

Here are two sample entries from the book:

"Perkins Joel & Lucy Jackson 27 Feb 1818; b - Green Jackson con - Ephraim Jackson, father wit - Green Jackson"
"Holderby Joseph & Lucy Brander 27 Jun 1797; b - John Jones min - Hubbard Saunders - 6 Jul 1797"

The following is a list of names made from the surname frequency index at the front of the book:

Abernathy Adams Addams Adkins Adkinson Aldridge Alexander Allen Alley Allgood Allmand Anderson Anderton Andrews Andrus Archer Arnold Arrington Asselin Astrop Atkerson Atkins Atkinson Atkison Avenhunt Avent Averett Avery Babbitt Baber Bacon Bagley Bagwell Bailey Baird Baker Balentine Ball Ballentine Ballinger Balthrop Banks Baram Barham Barker Barner Barnes Barnett Barrow Bartlett Barton Bass Batte Baugh Beard Beasley Beck Beckwith Bedingfield Beicher Bell Bennett Bentley Bernard Berry Berryman Berthright Berton Beshears Bethshirse Bethshurs Betty Biggs Bilbo Bilingsby Billops Billups Birch Birchett Bird Birdsong Birthright Bishop Bithshears Blackwell Blake Blalock Blanch Bland Blank Blankenship Blanks Blick Blood Blunt Bolling Bonner Booth Boswell Bott Bottom Bowen Bowles Boysian Bozeman Bracey Bradley Bragg Branch Brand Brander Brann Brans Branscomb Brantley Brantly Brasington Braswell Braten Brent Brewer Bridge Bridgeforth Bridges Bridgforth Briggs Brigs Brintle Britt Britton Broadnax Broadnex Brock Brooking Brooks Browder Brown Bruce Bryan Bryson Buchannan Buckley Buckner Buford Bugg Burch Burchett Burdge Burford Burge Burks Burnett Burrow Burton Burwell Butler Butterill Butts Bryne Byrum Cabaness Cabiness Cain Callahan Callas Callis Cammel Camp Campbell Canady Cannady Cannon Capel Cardwell Cargill Carlos Carloss Carpenter Carrell Arrington Carroll Carter Cary Cash Cashon Cate Cates Cato Cattlen Cattles Caudle Cauze Cave Cealey Celey Chambers Chambless Chambliss Chandler Chapman Charles Chavous Cheatham Cheely Childers Chiles Christian Christopher Clack Clagy Claiborne Clanton Clark Clarke Clary Clay Claybrook Clayton Cleaton Clemens Clements Clemons Clough Cocke Coe Cocely Cole Coleman Coley Collier Collins Conally Conley Connally Connell Connelly Connolly Constable Converse Coocey Cook Cooke Cooksey Cooper Coppedge Cordle Cotton Courtney Cousins Cox Craft Crawley Crenshaw Crichton Cristie Crittenden Crittenton Croft Crook Cross Crow Crowder Cryer Cullan Cumming Curd Curtis Dailey Daily Daley Daly Dameron Damron Dance Dancey Dandridge Daniel Danman Dautrey Davenport Davie Davis Davy Dawson Day Dean Deane Dearden Deckers Delany Delbirdge Delbridge Delehay Delong Dennis Denton Depriest Derby Dever Dick Dickerson Dicks Dickson Dillon Dismang Dismay Dismong Dixon Dobbins Douglas Doyal Doyle Drake Driscoll Dromgoole Drummond Drumright Duane Duggar Dugger Dunkley Dunkly Dunn Dunnington Dunnivant Dunwell Dupree Dupriest Dupuy Durham Eanes Early Easter Eaton Eaves Eddins Edmondson Edmons Edmunds Edwards Elder Eldridge Ellice Elliott Ellis Elmore Embrey Embry Emmery Ennis Enroughty Epes Epperson Eppes Epps Etta Evans Eves Exell Fann Farler Farlow Farmer Feason Featherston Feild Fenn Fennell Ferguson Ferrell Field Fielding Fields Finch Finix Firth Fisher Fitzhugh Flax Fleshood Fletcher Flinn Floyd Forguson Fort Foster Fowler Fowlkes Fowlks Fox Fraser Frear Freeman Frisbie Furgason Furgerson Furguson Gargus Garland Garner Garrett Garriss Gary Gee George Gholson Gibbon Gibbons Gibbs Gibs Giles Gill Gilliam Glandish Glidewell Golley Goode Goodrich Goodrum Goodwin Goodwyn Goodwyne Gordan Gordon Grain Grammer Granger Grant Graves Gray Grayson Green Greene Greenhill Gregg Gregory Gresham Grey Griffies Griffin Griffith Grigg Grigory Grimes Grubbs Grubs Gunn Hackley Hagood Hailey Haldane Haley Hall Halsey Hamblett Hamilton Hamlett Hamlin Hammack Hammock Hammon Hammoonds Hammonds Hammons Hamour Hampton Hancock Hancocke Hanks Hanner Hardaway Hardie Harding Hardy Hargrove Harp Harper Harrington Harris Harrison Hart Hartwell Harvey Harwell Haskins Hatch Hathcock Hawkins Hawks Hawthorn Hawthorne Hay Hayes Haymore Haymour Haynes Hearn Heartwell Heath Hermon Hestens Hickman Hicks Higgins High Hight Hightower Hill Hilliard Hines Hinton Hitchcock Hite Hix Hobbs Hodge Hogan Hogwood Hoisington Holderby Holloway Holmes Holt Hood House Houze Howard Howell Howerton Howse Howze Hoy Hubbard Huckstep Hudgins Hudson Huff Huffman Hulmn Hungerford Hunnicut Hunnicutt Hunt Hunter Hurt Huskey Husky Hutchins Hutt Hyde Ingram Ingrum Irby Irwin Ives Ivey Ivie Ivy Jacksob Jackson James Jameson Jarrett Jarrott Jeffes Jenkins Jennings Jesse Jeter Jett Jinkins Johnsob Johnson Johnston Jolley Jolly Jones Jordan Jordon Judd Justice Keatt Keatts Kelley Kelly Kemp Kennady Kennedy Kenny Kerby Kick Kidd King Kirby Kirk Kirkland Kirks Koy Ladd Laffon Laffoon Lafoon Laird Lamband Lambert Lane Langton Lanier Laniwl Lashley Lashly Laskey Latimer Lattimore Lawler Lawrence Lawson Leach Leadbetter Ledbetter Lee Leigh Lenoir Lester Lett Lewellin Lewelling Lewis Lightfoot Lilley Lilly Linch Lind Lloyd Lloyod Locke Lockett Loftin Love Loyd Lucas Lucey Lucy Lundie Lundsford Lundy Lunsford Lyall Lyell Lynch Lyons Mabry Mackenney Macklin Maclin Macon Maddox Maddux Madison Magee Maghee Maidland Mairs Maitland Major Mallory Malone Mangum Manley Manly Mann Manney Manning Manson Marable Mares Marke Marks Marrable Marshall Martin Martins Maryman Mason Massenburg Massey Mateer Matheny Mathews Mathis Maton Matthews Matthis May Mays Mayton McCan McConnico McCullick McCulloch McDaniel McInvale McKenney McKenny McRoberts Meacham Meade Mealer Meanley Meanly Medlin Melone Melton Meredith Merrett Merriott Merritt Mikeal Miller Mills Milton Miner Minge Minor Miskell Mitchell Mize Mizes Montgomery Moody Moon Moore More Moreland Morenor Morgan Morris Morrison Morriss Morse Moseley Mosely Mosley Moss Murdock Murphy Murrell Mustron Myrick

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