Sunday, July 06, 2008

Edward Jackson Cole Family Cemetery, Highway 658, North View, Mecklenburg County, Virginia

The Edward Jackson Cole family cemetery is located off Highway 658 near North View in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. From South Hill go west on Highway 47 to Old Cox Road. Turn right onto Cox and take the first left onto Highway 658, now called Northside Road. The cemetery is located at the end of a field on the right, along its tree line. The coordinates for the cemetery are 36 47.026' N, 78 15.572' W. There are five marked tombstones and upwards of ten unmarked fieldstone markers.

1) Emma Cole Simmons - June 18, 1868 - February 27, 1933.

2) Thomas H. Cole - July 21, 1868 - December 26, 1917. Stone reads: "He died as he lived A Christian" and is engraved with a Mason emblem.

3) Edward J. Cole - November 11, 1834 - May 15, 1898. Same stone as #4.

4) Athaliah D. Cole - March 23, 1843 - February 23, 1888. Stone is engraved with the words “Father” and “Mother.” There are foot stones which are engraved "EJC" and “ADC."

5) John H. Cole. The stone has no dates and is a government military stone inscribed ss follows: Co. D., 2 Virginia Artillery, CSA. The stone also has an engraved type of cross.

6) William T. Cole - The stone has no dates and is exactly the same as that of John H. Cole except that he served in Co. C., 21 Virginia Infantry, CSA.

As a note, between Edward J. Cole and the next grave is space for at least two graves. There is a set of field stones in that area. It is believed his parents, Edward Thomas and Ann Eliza Beal Cole are buried in the cemetery. These stones may mark their grave. The land on which the cemetery is located was marked on the 1864 Gilmer map as belonging to Mrs. Cole.


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