Sunday, July 06, 2008

Dr. Benjamin Fennell of Greensville & Mecklenburg Counties

Religious Herald, Richmond, Virginia, August 4, 1864:

"Died, in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, Dec.30th, 1863, of congestive chills, Dr. Benj. Fennell, in the 67th year of his age. In recording this tribute to the memory of the deceased, the writer feels incapable of portraying the many noble and lovely traits of character he possessed and the heart-felt piety which a Christian only enjoys. The heart yields to sadness as we record the death of those we loved. True, memory brings back a thousand things causing us to mingle afresh with the scenes that united our hearts here, until we almost forget that we do not live together still. But the sad reality soon returns. Death loves a shining mark and has claimed its victim: and he who lived and moved for the good of others is here only in our affections. The hand that never tired in acts of kindness to those around him has eased to move, and the spirit that ever yielded meekly to his Master’s chastisements has fled to the God who gave it. His death creates a painful vacuum in the deeply Bereaved family which God alone can fill. He was a loving husband, a devoted and affectionate father, and a good citizen. The presence of a cruel enemy separated him unavoidably from a devoted son, of whom he often spoke, and from others near and dear to him, for several days previous to his death, when, indeed, there was hope that death might now come. But kind friends were around and ministered to his every want. The tenacity with which his wife and children clung to him, and almost frantically implored him not to leave them, serves in some measure to attest the strength of the tie that bound them together. But their loss is his gain. His spirit dwells now in heaven, and he enjoys that boon which God alone can bestow. Dr. Benjamin Fennell was the son of Capt. Isham Fennell, of Greensville County, Va. He came to Mecklenburg County and settled in 1831, where he resided until his death. He was not taken by surprise. He seemed to look with calm resignation at his approach for several months previous, and in his last hours exhorted his children to love each other; and as the lamp of life was flickering, he exclaimed to his weeping wife, 'I am ready -- I can go.'"

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