Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hanover County Confederate Civil War memorial, including surnames of soldiers

I drove to Ashland in Hanover County and decided to swing by the courthouse and take photos of their Civil War memorial. I have several relatives that are named on the monument, including my great-great-grandfather, Joseph A. Vass. After taking the photos, I decided to transcribe all of the last names onto the blog. I will also include photos of all sides of the monument.

I am only including last names, not the initials for given and middle names. I am also not including anything about rank or information about injury or death. All of these items are mentioned on the actual monument. If you see a surname of interest, you can look at the photos for more information. The monument has names on all four sides so you should check all of the photos.

The monument reads:

Hanover to her Confederate soldiers and to her noble women who loved them, 1861-65

Units included on the monument are as follows:
  • Hanover Troop, Company G, 4th Virginia Cavalry
  • Morris' Artillery, Coleman's, Page's, Montgomery's Battery Artillery
  • Hanover Artillery, Nelson's
  • Ashland Artillery, Woolfolk's
  • 15th Regiment Virginia Infantry, Company C, Patrick Henry Rifles
  • 15th Regiment Virginia Infantry, Company E, Ashland Grays
  • 15th Regiment Virginia Infantry, Company I, Hanover Grays
  • 56th Regiment Virginia Infantry, Company K, Harrison's Guards
  • Other

As a note, a star on the photos means killed. An arrow means wounded and a cross means that the person died in service.

There were 379 different surnames on the monument and are as follows:

Acree, Adams, Alexander, Allen, Allison, Anderson, Andrew, Anthony, Armstrong, Arnold, Atkins, Atkinson, Bailey, Baker, Banker, Barker, Barley, Barnett, Barrett, Bartlett, Basket, Batkins, Baughan, Beadles, Beale, Benson, Berkeley, Binford, Blackburn, Blackwell, Blake, Blanton, Blaylock, Blunt, Bourne, Bowe, Bowles, Boyd, Bridges, Brock, Brooks, Brown, Browning, Broyles, Bryce, Buchanan, Buckley, Bullock, Bumpass, Burch, Burnett, Burton, Butler, Cardwell, Carlton, Carpenter, Carter, Carver, Cason, Catlin, Cauthorn, Chadwick, Chandler, Chapman, Chewning, Childress, Chisholm, Christian, Christmas, Clarke, Clopton, Cocke, Coleman, Collins, Connor, Cook, Cooke, Corbin, Corker, Corr, Cosby, Cottrell, Cox, Crenshaw, Crew, Cross, Crump, Crutchfield, Curtis, Dabney, Daniels, Darracott, Davidson, Davis, Day, Deitrick, Dick, Dickinson, Donahoe, Doswell, Duke, Dunn, Dunn, Durvin, Dyson, Earnest, Eddleton, Edwards, Ellerson, Ellett, Ellis, Elmer, England, Estes, Eubank, Farloin, Farmer, Fields, Finn, Fleming, Flippo, Fontaine, Ford, Foster, Francis, Frazier, Furry, Gaines, Gardner, Garnett, Garthright, Gary, Gary, Gayle, Gentry, Gibson, Gillespie, Gilman, Gilson, Glass, Glazebrook, Glenn, Glinn, Goodall, Goodman, Gouldin, Govers, Graves, Green, Green, Griffin, Grimes, Grogan, Grubbs, Grymes, Gwathmey, Haines, Hall, Hancock, Hanna, Hardgrove, Hardin, Hargrove, Harlow, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Harwood, Haw, Hazelgrove, Heath, Hendrick, Higgins, Higginson, Hill, Hogan, Holdman, Holloway, Hooper, Hope, Horne, Hoskins, Hott, Howle, Hudgins, Huffman, Hughes, Hundley, Ingram, Irby, Isbell, Jackson, James, Jarvis, Jeffries, Jenkins, Jeter, Johnson, Jones, Keen, Kelley, Kent, Kersey, Kimborough, Kimbrough, King, Korb, Lain, Lambert, Lane, Lawrence, Layne, Leadbetter, Leitch, Lipscomb, Lively, Livesay, Long, Longan, Loving, Lowry, Luck, Lumpkin, Maddox, Madison, Mallory, Mantlo, Marks, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Massie, McAllister, McDaniel, McDowell, McGee, McGhee, McGregor, McMurdo, Melton, Meredith, Mettert, Middlebrooks, Miller, Mills, Minor, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moody, Moore, Moran, Morris, Mosby, Motley, Murphy, Nash, Nelson, Newton, Noel, Noland, Normant, Norment, Nuckols, Nunnaly, O'Brien, Oliver, Otey, Owens, Page, Parrish, Parsley, Pate, Patman, Patterson, Payne, Peace, Penn, Perkins, Perrin, Perry, Phillips, Pleasants, Poindexter, Pollard, Price, Priddy, Prior, Puller, Pulliam, Puryear, Ragland, Redd, Reynolds, Rice, Richardson, Ronquist, Rowzey, Ruffin, Sacra, Sadler, Saunders, Shelburne, Shelton, Short, Sims, Sitman, Sizer, Slaughter, Smith, Snead, Southard, Southward, Southworth, Spencer, Spicer, Spinlde, Stanley, Starke, Stewart, Stone, Stringfellow, Strong,, Sullens, Sullivan, Sutton, Swift, Sydnor, Taliaferro, Talley, Tate, Taylor, Temple, Terrell, Terry, Terry, Thacker, Thomas, Thompson, Thornton, Tiller, Timberlake, Tinsley, Toler, Tomkies, Tomlin, Travers, Trevillian, Truel, Trueman, Tucker, Turner, Tyler, Vass, Vaughan, Via, Wade, Waid, Waldrop, Warren, Wash, West, Wheat, White, Wicker, Wickham, Wilkinson, Williamson, Wiltshire, Wingfield, Winn, Winston, Wood, Woodson, Woody, Woolfolk, Wright, Wyatt, Yarborough


Jim Bryan said...

Well done! Thanks for the pictures. I will make sure to check out the monument on my next trip to the area. It would be a great project for the Historical Society to specifically identify as many of them as possible along with whatever is known about their family. What a great book that would be!

Kevin Lett said...

Ask your local library about books from the "The Virginia Regimental History Series." There is a book for virtually every unit from Virginia and they cover a lot of what you mention.

Michael Tyler said...

Nice photos. I am currently working on a book documenting all Confederate veterans that served from Hanover County. I am giving their complete name, a brief snapshot of their service and documenting the actual unit(s) they served with. Currently I have over 220 more individuals that are not listed on the monument as well as corrections for their name, rank, wounded/died/kia status and POW status and if their name is not listed on the monument. I am also including free blacks and slaves when I can find documentation.

Tom Jones said...

The Lucian R. Smith listed twice[???], on the monument, was my grandmother`s uncle, her mother`s brother. He was killed in the battle of Seven Pines on May 31, 1862 at age 19. He was the standard bearer. The paper relates that he was buried on the battle field. I think that he may have been later buried at Oakwood or Holywood. Does anybody have this information? Also, why is he listed twice on the Hanover monument?

Michael Tyler said...

OK, I have been working on my list for a while and now I am stuck on 24 individuals.
Arnold, C. Other Artillery
Marks, B. Other Artillery
Perrin, J. Other Artillery KIA
Perrin, S. Other Artillery Died
Smith, S. Other Artillery
Thompson, W. Other Artillery
White, A. Other Cavalry
Acree, Ambrose W. Other Infantry
Atkinson, C. H. Other Infantry
Coleman, S. Other Infantry
Glenn, I. Other Infantry
Hill, E. Other Infantry Died
Jones, G. A. Other Infantry W’nded
King, J. Other Infantry
Loving, J. W.Other Infantry
Martin, C. Other Infantry
Pollard, A. E. Other Infantry KIA
Ruffin, S. Other Infantry
Smith, L. R. Other Infantry KIA
Smith, W. Other Infantry
Spencer, C. Other Infantry Died
Stanley, D. Other Infantry
Travers, J. Other Infantry
White, C. Other Infantry

The Monument honor's Confederate Veterans born in Hanover County. They could have served in any branch in any unit. I have located several in service in other states.

I have also found a number of, in my opinion, mistakes. I cannot rule out that names may have been duplicated, wrong branches of service indicated, incorrect status of Wounded, Died, or KIA indicated as no one knows what happened to the original documentation used to place the veteran's names on the Monument.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Gail Vass has been of much help in finding units for the individuals, but she is also stuck.

Michael Tyler

Bob said...

Hello Kevin and Michael,

I have traced back to my
Great Grandfather Andrew Jackson Via (A.J. Via) listed on the memorial in 15th Virginia Regiment Company I. It seems that after the war they then migrated to Tallapoosa Co. Alabama, and then later to Texas.
Any information in regards to A.J. Via would be most welcome.
Best Regards!

Bonnie said...

My Great Great Grandfather, H.J.C. (Henry Jackson Clay) Vass is also on the Hanover monument. He was with the Artillery. Any information about him or the other Vass brothers would be greatly appreciated. I live minutes from Blandford Cemetery and the Petersburg National Battlefields. Does anyone know the Artillery's location during the Siege of Petersburg? We have a copy of a photo of H.J.C. Vass if you need it.