Thursday, April 17, 2008

Burwell Brown d. 1802-1803 of Charlotte County, Virginia

Charlotte County, Virginia Will Book 2, pp. 236B-238A:
On September 27, 1802, Burwell Brown wrote his last will and testament. He made provisions for twelve children, six by each of two wives, both unnamed. His first wife bore Epps, William, Lucy Brown Sullivant, James, Sarah Brown Adams and Rebeccah Brown Rudder. His second wife bore Henry, Irvin, John, Joseph C., Nancy and Patsey Brown. Burwell's son Epps was noted as living in Georgia. His son William was given the 204 acres upon which he already lived. His son James was given the 200 acres upon which he already lived. The widow was allowed to stay on the main tract until son Henry came of age. At that time, the property was to be divided with the widow receiving one third. However, if Burwell's widow wanted to move to Georgia, she could sell the entire tract and purchase land in that state. Both sons Joseph and Henry were to be sent to Mr. Stephenson's school for their education. The majority of the other children received various slaves, livestock, furniture and monetary consideration. Worth mentioning was the ordered sale of "my faithful and obedient fellow Dick to some person in the neighborhood who he may choose convenient to his wife." Clement Read and son John Brown were appointed executors, the will being witnessed by W. M. Watkins, William Hames and Samuel Fuqua.

Charlotte County, Virginia Will Book 2, p. 238A:
Burwell's will was recorded in court on February 7, 1803 but there was a problem with its execution. John Brown was a minor so Clement Read became the sole executor. However, John reserved the right to join in the execution when he came of age.

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Cognus said...

I am researching Brown lines connected to this one. Looking for information on the children of the Henry [son of Burwell] mentioned herein. My great great grandfather William H Brown is descended from one of these, and we're trying to nail down which. Many records on associated Brown lines in the same era and near locale.

Maud said...

Looking for information on those individuals pre Burwell Brown as well as early information on BB himself. I am a Brown from the following lineage: daughter of Robert V. Brown, who was son of Calvin Smith Brown II, son of Calvin Smith Brown I, son of Charles Venable Brown, son of James Brown, son of Burwell Brown.