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Florence E. Walker Welch, May 17, 1899 - November 02, 1933, of Prince Edward County, Virginia

Florence E. Walker Welch, May 17, 1899 - November 02, 1933, of Prince Edward County, Virginia.

The Farmville (Va.) Herald, November 3, 1933:"MRS. R. P. WELCH DIES AFTER LONG ILLNESS - Mrs. R. P. Welch of Darlington Heights, died early Thursday morning, Nov. 2, after a month's illness. She was the wife of Rev. R. P. Welch, pastor of the Darlington Heights group of Baptist churches, and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Walker of Mecklenburg county. Besides her husband and parents, she is survived by five small children - a daughter and four sons. The youngest is only six weeks old. Funeral services will be held at the grave in the family cemetery near Bedford, Saturday."

Lottie A. Walker, April 02, 1894 - June 17, 1976, of Cumberland, Virginia

Lottie A. Walker, April 02, 1894 - June 17, 1976, of Cumberland, Virginia.

Richmond Times-Dispatch, June 19, 1976:"WALKER - Miss Lottie A. Walker, 83, of Cumberland, Va., died in a Farmville hospital Thursday. She was born in Bracey, Va., April 2, 1893; a daughter of the late Melville P. Walker and Beulah Lett Walker. Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Estelle W. Atkinson, Cumberland, Va.; and a number of nieces and nephews. Graveside funeral service, 3:30 P.M. Saturday at Maury Cemetery in Richmond. Remains rest at Doyne-Burger Funeral Home in Farmville."

Lottie is buried in section 66, division 63, grave 5 of Maury Cemetery in Richmond.

250 burials for Oakwood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia, Bosher-Bowis

Here is the second set of 250 burials for Oakwood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia that we will be listing on the site. Included you will find the last name, first name and year of burial for each individual.

Bowis William I 1863
Bowis Robert L. 1874
Bowis Percy B. 1917
Bowis Mary Lucy 1944
Bowis Mary L. 1897
Bowis Mary Kehrer 1934
Bowis Martha W. 1913
Bowis Martha A. 1876
Bowis James 1869
Bowis James 1870
Bowis Fitzhugh Lee 1950
Bowis Ellen Williamson 1935
Bowis Edward Stanley, Sr. 1947
Bowis Catherine A. 1870
Bowis C.C. Child of 1883
Bowis Anna Bell 1871
Bowie Mary 1924
Bowie Bruce M. 1912
Bowery Mary C. 1926
Bowery Sarah Ann 1888
Bowery Lottie W. 1965
Bowers William H. 1906
Bowers W. J. 1907
Bowers Sarah F. 1901
Bowers Ruth 1978
Bowers Rudolph 1930
Bowers Rosa Bell 1873
Bowers Orene P. 1973
Bowers Mary Schilling 1930
Bowers Martha 1908
Bowers Luther Schaffer 1879
Bowers Lucy Ann 1872
Bowers John W. 1974
Bowers John H. 1888
Bowers George W. 1950
Bowers Gaynell 1920
Bowers Doris 1934
Bowers Clara 1886
Bowers Caroline 1881
Bowers Amelia A. 1910
Bower Maude Ford 1969
Bower John Thomas 1956
Bowens Dexter L. 1976
Bowen Wiltan Elmore, Sr. 1949
Bowen Sarah Virginia 1954
Bowen Ruth Baird McLeod 1923
Bowen Mildred 1966
Bowen Melvin Ray 1970
Bowen Mary Ellen 1935
Bowen Lee C. child of 1904
Bowen Infant 1923
Bowen Fannie 1910
Bowen Emory Cleveland 1940
Bowen Clara Luck 1973
Bowen Alma L. D. 1932
Bowe D.A. & Wife Infant of 1920
Bowden William N. 1965
Bowden William 1859
Bowden W. N. 1930
Bowden Virginia F. 1917
Bowden Sarah E. 1913
Bowden Pauline 1900
Bowden Mazzie C. 1973
Bowden Maude L. 1970
Bowden Maude E. 1925
Bowden Mary L. 1907
Bowden Mary Jones 1872
Bowden Mary E. 1893
Bowden Mary D. 1893
Bowden Martha 1886
Bowden Leslie E. 1960
Bowden Leonore F. 1912
Bowden Joseph Gordan 1951
Bowden John Richard 1935
Bowden Johanna 1960
Bowden James V. 1901
Bowden James E. 1918
Bowden James E. 1893
Bowden James & wife infant of 1908
Bowden Jacob S. 1968
Bowden Helen D. 1896
Bowden George E. 1907
Bowden George Alexander 1936
Bowden Garnett Ellyson 1960
Bowden Garland McRae 1873
Bowden Florence 1952
Bowden Ethel P. 1977
Bowden Elsie M. 1918
Bowden Elijah Linwood 1941
Bowden E. E. 1920
Bowden Berdie Watkins 1957
Bourne William Palma 1961
Bourne William H. 1924
Bourne William B. 1973
Bourne Thomas Joseph, Sr. 1961
Bourne Thelma Myrtly 1908
Bourne Octavia 1917
Bourne Marion Grey 1911
Bourne Lois Akins 1958
Bourne Estelle Weber 1912
Bourne Anna W. 1920
Bourne Anna Ganzert 1951
Bourke Pauline 1966
Bourgar Herman H. 1918
Bouregard C. & A. child of 1900
Bounique Sarah E. 1979
Boummett Infant Boy 1950
Boulware Mary Virginia 1904
Boulware Julian Andrew 1944
Boulware Ellen 1879
Boulware Ella Jordan 1969
Boulware Andrew 1916
Boulton Minnie P 1879
Boulmare Ann Lane 1943
Bouldin Matthew 1975
Bottoms Willie L. 1908
Bottoms Wiley T. 1933
Bottoms Washington 1940
Bottoms Walter Raleigh 1956
Bottoms Walter B. 1939
Bottoms W. B. child of 1900
Bottoms Thomas Mitchell 1970
Bottoms T. P. 1912
Bottoms Russel 1911
Bottoms Roland Eugene 1975
Bottoms Robert Lee 1943
Bottoms Robert L. 1907
Bottoms Robert Earl 1937
Bottoms Robert Clifton 1980
Bottoms Richard T. 1946
Bottoms Raymond Gladstone 1962
Bottoms Oliver C. 1923
Bottoms Odfrey 1907
Bottoms Norman Luke, Sr. 1962
Bottoms Norman Luke, Jr. 1965
Bottoms Nettie B. 1965
Bottoms Nannie Fanar 1947
Bottoms Mollie Allsbrook 1966
Bottoms Minnie P 1973
Bottoms Miles Edward 1940
Bottoms Mary E. 1950
Bottoms Mary Bell 1917
Bottoms Margaret L. 1922
Bottoms Mabel J. 1962
Bottoms Louise Washington 1937
Bottoms Louise 1979
Bottoms Lofton A. 1915
Bottoms Linwood Lofton 1955
Bottoms Lewis 1914
Bottoms Leroy Underhill 1939
Bottoms Leona M 1972
Bottoms Lelia C. 1974
Bottoms Joseph C. 1960
Bottoms John T. 1919
Bottoms John M. 1933
Bottoms Jane 1893
Bottoms Infant 1919
Bottoms Infant 1902
Bottoms Howard Hugh 1937
Bottoms Hester 1957
Bottoms Harold Lawson 1958
Bottoms H.J. 1908
Bottoms George E. 1917
Bottoms Frederick Lee 1967
Bottoms Frederick (child of) 1883
Bottoms Francis T. 1897
Bottoms Frances Norma 1953
Bottoms Flaherty B. 1936
Bottoms Evelyn L. 1921
Bottoms Etta Cumber 1941
Bottoms Ethel Marie Friedhoff 1958
Bottoms Estelle J. 1916
Bottoms Emmett 1970
Bottoms Emma C. 1960
Bottoms Ellen T. 1896
Bottoms Earl T. 1907
Bottoms Dorothy 1912
Bottoms Doris E. 1918
Bottoms Della O'Neill 1980
Bottoms Cornelia A. 1931
Bottoms Cora O. 1907
Bottoms Condelia Gill 1954
Bottoms Cleveland B. 1974
Bottoms Celeste 1919
Bottoms Carrie Cumber 1970
Bottoms Bertha 1910
Bottoms Bernard Hardy 1954
Bottoms Bernard 1898
Bottoms Arthur L. 1978
Bottoms Annie V. 1972
Bottoms Andrew J. 1915
Bottoms Alice A. 1961
Bottoms Alfred M. 1929
Bottoms J. R. 1913
Bothe Paul Erwin 1982
Boswick Edgar Alfred 1978
Boswell William Turner Jr. 1935
Boswell William T. 1936
Boswell Virginia 1866
Boswell Susie 1910
Boswell Susan 1892
Boswell Sarah E. 1925
Boswell Mary A. 1870
Boswell Margaret A. 1939
Boswell John W. 1870
Boswell James P. 1879
Boswell Frances M. 1939
Boswell Elmor Lillian 1966
Boswell Benjamin 1930
Boswell Anne R. 1890
Bostwick Edgar Alfred 1977
Bostain Harry 1977
Bossieux Virginius 1910
Bossieux Mildred Ann 1898
Bossieux Linwood Seabrook 1942
Bossieux James Edward 1903
Bossieux Irene Fenton 1877
Bossieux Eugene V. 1961
Bossieux Eugene 1937
Bossieux Elsie V. 1900
Bossieux Delia E. 1907
Bossieux Carlton Lee 1972
Bossieux Annie E. 1935
Bossieux Andrew 1907
Bosquet Michael 1921
Bosquet Mable V. 1907
Bosquet Kate B. 1924
Bosquet J. Felix 1919
Bosquet Claude F. 1896
Bosher William Harwick 1948
Bosher William (twins of) 1890
Bosher Walter G. 1968
Bosher Susie Stewart T. 1957
Bosher Stuart W. 1968
Bosher Sarah Frances 1941
Bosher Sarah E. 1908
Bosher Robert R. 1896
Bosher Percy (infant of) 1926
Bosher Olander Cullen 1961
Bosher Newton L. 1924
Bosher Minnie Pearl 1954
Bosher Mary Mc Ewen 1934
Bosher Margaret F. 1914
Bosher Margaret Ann 1965
Bosher Madeline Harton 1947
Bosher Luther O. 1939
Bosher Lula D. 1968
Bosher Leonard M. 1917
Bosher Ida 1895
Bosher Ida 1960

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250 burials for Oakwood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia, Bowker-Brodrick

Here are the first 250 burials for Oakwood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia that we will be listing on the site. Included you will find the last name, first name and year of burial for each individual.

Brodrick Rosa L. 1974
Bradby Myra 1977
Bradby Herman 1981
Bradburn William Sherman 1947
Bradburn Callie Bell Clarke 1970
Bradberry Harold 1908
Bradberry Edward 1947
Brackett Willie Arthur 1962
Brackett William H. 1864
Brackett William C. 1893
Brackett William 1886
Brackett Welford G. 1968
Brackett Walter H. 1898
Brackett Susie P. 1967
Brackett Sally 1875
Brackett Robert M. 1893
Brackett Robert Ludwell 1959
Brackett Robert L. 1918
Brackett "Raymond, Sr." 1958
Brackett Ray R. 1913
Brackett P. F. 1908
Brackett Mattie W. 1926
Brackett Mary Elizabeth 1967
Brackett Mamie Pearl 1975
Brackett Lucy Crump 1962
Brackett Lewis 1902
Brackett Laura Woolson 1907
Brackett John S. 1922
Brackett Jessie Irvin 1938
Brackett Ida Lee 1953
Brackett Herman 1899
Brackett George Franklin 1925
Brackett George 1890
Brackett Eula Maude 1957
Brackett Emmett 1900
Brackett Emily Powell 1947
Brackett Edward W. 1890
Brackett Edward S. 1969
Brackett Charles E. 1891
Brackett Bernard L. 1953
Brackett Baby 1929
Brachum Louise 1914
Bracey Walter E. 1972
Bracey Robert M. 1982
Bracey Mary 1975
Bracey James S. 1981
Bracey Dallas R. 1970
Bozeman Hanley Gordon 1945
Bozell Carrie Thompson 1938
Boze Willie Clarke 1948
Boze William Thomas 1927
Boze W. H. 1925
Boze Swanie Lake 1973
Boze Sarah 1900
Boze Richard B. 1919
Boze Raymond Guy 1959
Boze Peter R. 1897
Boze Mr. 1903
Boze Miss 1874
Boze Margaret E. 1934
Boze Louise A. 1928
Boze John Joseph 1914
Boze John Joseph 1975
Boze James Tilton 1918
Boze Hurman Frenchie 1961
Boze Howard 1992
Boze George N. 1928
Boze Elney 1902
Boze Elizabeth Ann 1916
Boze Edwin M. 1897
Boze Catha D. 1922
Boze Carrie B. 1951
Boze Annie Lauren 1915
Boze Annie Keith 1949
Boze Albert Sammuel 1949
Boysad Rebecca 1899
Boyles Myrtle Lee 1915
Boyle Marshall L. 1919
Boyle Marshall L. 1969
Boyle Ellise L. 1969
Boyle Amanda Flournoy 1958
Boykins Alvin 1974
Boykin Raeford Herman 1956
Boykin Julian 1927
Boyer Frederick 1945
Boydton William S. 1886
Boyden Lucius 1876
Boyden Annette 1978
Boyd William E 1917
Boyd Wilton 1915
Boyd Wilmer 1916
Boyd William W. 1960
Boyd William Henry 1941
Boyd William Anderson 1948
Boyd Thomas 1884
Boyd Tennessee 1920
Boyd Sarah 1977
Boyd Ruby W. 1980
Boyd Rosetta J. 1979
Boyd Robert R. 1971
Boyd Pearle B. W. 1981
Boyd Ora Atwood 1953
Boyd Nellie 1897
Boyd Milton 1915
Boyd Mary E. A. 1981
Boyd John G. 1964
Boyd John 1974
Boyd Jeannette T. 1980
Boyd Janie W. 1930
Boyd J. T. & Wife Child of 1932
Boyd J. T. 1927
Boyd Infant 1938
Boyd "Herbert, Sr." 1976
Boyd Haseltine 1974
Boyd Harry L. 1883
Boyd Fancy 1880
Boyd Eula Ellen 1960
Boyd Emma V. 1877
Boyd Elizabeth 1975
Boyd Edwin S. 1933
Boyd Eddie 1978
Boyd E.G. 1911
Boyd Dorothy R. 1979
Boyd Algie L. 1964
Boyce William H. 1972
Boyce Ruth J. 1972
Boxxieux Belle Cabell 1940
Boxley Olivia E. 1975
Boxley Maggie 1930
Bowyer William F. 1981
Bowsell Willie 1896
Bowry William Henry 1962
Bowry "Walter Augustus, Sr." 1964
Bowry Thomas Wesley 1958
Bowry Sidney W. 1911
Bowry Sarah Ann 1888
Bowry Mattie Elizabeth 1943
Bowry Lollie Pearl Redford 1977
Bowry Joseph Paul 1914
Bowry John H. 1919
Bowry John Edward 1957
Bowry J. H. 1915
Bowry Frank R. 1915
Bowry Francis A. 1922
Bowry Frances A 1877
Bowry Charles Walter 1919
Bowman William D. 1893
Bowman William C. 1905
Bowman S. H. child of 1889
Bowman Ruth Delia 1954
Bowman Richard 1972
Bowman Nannie Rebecca 1943
Bowman Mary Jane 1898
Bowman Mary B. 1872
Bowman Lucy F. 1885
Bowman James R. 1974
Bowman James Henry 1956
Bowman Irene Bates 1970
Bowman Floyd Carlisle 1961
Bowman Edward T. 1979
Bowman Daniel A. 1930
Bowman Clara Etta 1918
Bowman Byron 1876
Bowman Bertha M. 1971
Bowman Baby 1925
Bowman Andrew J. 1917
Bowman Alice H. 1910
Bowman A. J. 1890
Bowling William Franklin 1912
Bowling William Eric 1955
Bowling Robert C. 1945
Bowling Carrie 1957
Bowles Willye Hill 1974
Bowles William H. 1977
Bowles William 1881
Bowles Walter J. Child of 1888
Bowles Walter J. 1891
Bowles W. J. child of 1886
Bowles W.F. Infant of 1923
Bowles Irby Pierce 1964
Bowles Thomas J. 1909
Bowles Thomas H. 1886
Bowles Sophorina M. 1957
Bowles Preston Haywood 1944
Bowles Nellie infant of 1913
Bowles Nannie 1914
Bowles Mary Lucy 1873
Bowles Mary Lou 1926
Bowles Martha 1915
Bowles Lucy Prudence 1926
Bowles Lillie Adams 1967
Bowles Lewis Weldon 1959
Bowles Joseph Mitchell 1946
Bowles Joseph Henry 1911
Bowles Joseph H. 1907
Bowles John Williams 1954
Bowles John Webber 3rd (Infant) 1946
Bowles James Crawford 1873
Bowles J. H. child of 1905
Bowles Ida Virginia 1930
Bowles George Thomas 1959
Bowles George Doswell Jr. 1981
Bowles George D. 1911
Bowles Frederick H. 1956
Bowles Estelle V. 1946
Bowles Emmett W. 1972
Bowles Edith C. 1903
Bowles Cora M. 1917
Bowles Carrie 1894
Bowles Bernice May 1940
Bowles Archer 1873
Bowles Annie E. 1925
Bowles Annie 1878
Bowles Anna 1966
Bowles Andrew E. 1968
Bowles Amanda S. 1910
Bowler Wilson 1892
Bowler William H. 1921
Bowler William 1912
Bowler Sarah E 1887
Bowler Sarah Ann 1871
Bowler Sallie S. 1887
Bowler Rhoday 1874
Bowler Norman N. 1896
Bowler Nannie 1881
Bowler Moses 1903
Bowler Maude Earl 1941
Bowler Mattie E. 1890
Bowler Mary E. 1909
Bowler Madelina 1890
Bowler John Thomas 1872
Bowler John H. 1903
Bowler Jennie 1890
Bowler James Monroe 1936
Bowler Everline 1891
Bowler Elizabeth E. 1902
Bowler Eline 1891
Bowler Edward 1887
Bowler Charles Edgar 1900
Bowler Archie 1882
Bowler Ann W. 1908
Bowler Albert F. 1898
Bowler Albert F. 1902
Bowker Susie C. 1980
Bowker James Leslie 1965

Melville Peterson Walker, October 02, 1868 - August 16, 1945, of Chesterfield County, Virginia

Melville Peterson Walker, October 02, 1868 - August 16, 1945, of Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Richmond Times-Dispatch, August 18, 1945:"MELVILLE P. WALKER - Last rites for Melville P. Walker, 76, aetired [sic.] Chesterfield County farmer, who died Thursday at a local hospital, will be held at 4:30 P. M. Saturday at Morrissett's Funeral Home, with interment in Maury Cemetery. A son of John Allen and Narcissa Harper Walker, he was born in Mecklenburg County. Mr. Walker is survived by one son, W. A. Walker; four daughters, Miss Lottie A. Walker, Mrs. A. L. High and Mrs. M. E. Griffin, all of Richmond and Mrs. C. L. Atkinson, of Balboa, Canal Zone; 15 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren."

Mellie was buried in section 66, division 63, grave 2 of Maury Cemetery.

Narcissus Estelle Walker Atkinson, October 07, 1903 - January 24, 1999, of Cedar Croft, Virginia

Narcissus Estelle Walker Atkinson, October 07, 1903 - January 24, 1999, of Cedar Croft, Virginia.

Richmond Times-Dispatch, January 27, 1999:"ATKINSON - Mrs. Estelle Walker Atkinson, age 95, of Cedar Croft, Cumberland County, died January 24, 1999, in Farmville. Survived by one daughter, June A. Plummer of Calif.; one son, Clinton Jones Atkinson Jr. of New York City; four grandchildren and four great-grandsons. Family will receive friends after 9:30 a.m. Thursday at Doyne-Burger-Davis Funeral Home, Farmville, where services will be conducted at 10:30 a.m. Interment 1:30 p.m. Richmond National Cemetery. Remembrances to Buckingham Public Library, Dillwyn Branch, P.O. Box 530, Dillwyn, Va. Doyne-Burger-Davis Funeral Home in charge."

Richmond Times-Dispatch, January 28, 1999:"FUNERAL TODAY FOR RETIRED TEACHER - N. Estelle Walker Atkinson's interest in the world around her was boundless. A retired schoolteacher and bibliophile, she was a former newspaper columnist and a fierce believer in the Baptist faith. The Buckingham County resident died Sunday at the age of 95. A funeral for Mrs. Atkinson will be held Thursday at 10:30 a.m. at Doyne-Burger-Davis Funeral Home in Farmville. Burial will be Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at Richmond National Cemetery, 1701 Williamsburg Road, in Richmond. Born in Bracey, Mrs. Atkinson grew up in Richmond. She graduated from what was then Averett Junior College in Danville before marrying in 1926. She spent the first of her married life in the Panama Canal Zone, where her husband, the late Clinton Jones Atkinson Sr., worked for the federal government's Panama Railroad Co. Mrs. Atkinson took a job with the federal government as an accountant for the U.S. Office of the Foreign Liquidation Commission. In Panama, she spent Sunday afternoons traveling to remote villages as a missionary. "My mother was born again before there were born-agains," said her son, Clinton Atkinson Jr. "She would stop every peasant she could find walking down the road...and ask them if they knew about Jesus." When the couple returned to the States, they bought an old stone home, Cedar Croft, near Dillwyn in Buckingham County, and spent much of heir time restoring the structure. She returned to school in her late 40s and earned a bachelor's degree from Longwood College. She later earned two master's degrees from the school. She taught in Cumberland public schools briefly and later taught science at Prince Edward Academy, now the Fuqua School. While in Panama, she developed a penchant for collecting orchids and butterflies, and after returning to Virginia, she began collecting and preserving other creatures and insects as well, her son said. "Her grandchildren loved to take their friends down into the basement and show them all the wild and curious things she kept down there." Her folksy social column, "Gold Hill Nuggets," appeared in the Farmville Herald in the early 1980s. She also worked to establish the Buckingham County Library. In addition to her son, she is survived by a daughter, June Atkinson Plummer of Walnut Creek, California. Memorial contributions may be made to the Dillwyn Branch of the Buckingham County Library, P.O. Box 530, Dillwyn, VA 23936."

Estelle is buried in plot 3B 0 6089 of Richmond National Cemetery.

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Obituary for Wesley Abbott Walker, Sr., March 04, 1905 - June 14, 1974, of Tappahannock, Virginia

Obituary for Wesley Abbott Walker, Sr., March 04, 1905 - June 14, 1974, of Tappahannock, Virginia.

Richmond Times-Dispatch, June 15, 1974:"WALKER - Wesley A. Walker, Sr., 69, died at his residence, Tappahannock, June 14, 1974. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Florence V. Walker, of Tappahannock; one daughter, Mrs. Thomas Monahan, of Lottsburg, Va.; one son, Wesley A. Walker, Jr., of Mechanicsville; two sisters, Mrs Estelle Atkinson, and Miss Lottie A. Walker, both of Buckingham County, Va.; two grandsons, Wesley A. Walker, III and Raymond P. Walker, both Mechanicsville. Remains rest at the T. D. Marks Funeral Home, Tappahannock, where services will be held Sunday at 4:00 P. M. Interment Essex Cemetery."

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Obituary for Charles Emory Marion Wall, May 01, 1912 - May 27, 1965, of Elam, North Carolina and South Hill, Virginia

Obituary for Charles Emory Marion Wall, May 01, 1912 - May 27, 1965, of Elam, North Carolina and South Hill, Virginia.

South Hill Enterprise, June 3, 1965:"CHARLES E. WALL - Charles Emory Wall, 53, died Thursday. He was a member of the Moose Lodge. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Hazel Lett Wall; two daughters, Mrs. Charles P. Wright of South Hill and Miss Betsy Wall of Richmond; two sons, Charles M. Wall and William H. Wall, both of South Hill, and a brother, R. G. Wall of La Crosse. A funeral service was held Saturday at Crews Funeral Home, with burial in Oakwood Cemetery."

Obituary for Susanna Wells Jarvis Gates, c. 1797 - April 09, 1887, of Petersburg, Virginia

Obituary for Susanna Wells Jarvis Gates, c. 1797 - April 09, 1887, of Petersburg, Virginia.

Daily Index=Appeal, April 12, 1887:"DIED. GATES - At her home on Old street, at 11:50 o'clock P. M. Saturday, 9th inst., SUSANNA J., wife of Alex. A. Gates, aged 90 years. Her funeral will take place from the High Street Methodist Church THIS (Tuesday) MORNING at 10 o'clock. Friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend."

Obituary for Charles Williams, 22 Jul 1869 - 30 Jan 1936, of New Jersey and Richmond, Virginia

Obituary for Charles Williams, July 22, 1869 - January 30, 1936, of New Jersey and Richmond, Virginia.

Richmond Times-Dispatch, February 1, 1936:"CHARLES WILLIAMS - Funeral services for Charles Williams, who died Thursday at a local hospital, will be conducted at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon at Pine Street Baptist Church. Burial will be in Riverview Cemetery. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Zenia Vass Williams; a daughter, Mrs. Sanford Bass; a sister, Mrs. W. H. Hill and four brothers, Henry, Isaac, David and Edward."

Oakwood Cemetery Database Project Started

Virginia Family Tree has started a large project, the indexing of burials for Oakwood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia. This is a large task and we honestly do not know how many burials there are in the cemetery. We think there are over 16,000 soldiers from the Civil War alone! We started the project yesterday, July 18, 2007, and only indexed 399 records. At this rate it will take years to complete...if we ever get to finish!

This database project will cost hundreds of hours in labor, an expensive endeavor. Once Oakwood is completed, we hope to move onto Riverview, Maury and eventually Hollywood cemeteries. If you have questions or would like to be notified when certain records are available, send us a note at

Obituary for Clyde Augusta Williams, March 15, 1907 - September 14, 1993, of South Hill, Mecklenburg County, Virginia

Obituary for Clyde Augusta Williams, March 15, 1907 - September 14, 1993, of South Hill, Mecklenburg County, Virginia

South Hill Enterprise, September 22, 1993:"CLYDE A. WILLIAMS, EX-BUSINESSMAN DIES AT AGE 86 - SOUTH HILL - Clyde A. Williams, 86, of South Hill died Tuesday, September 14, 1993 at Community memorial Healthcenter. Mr. Williams was a retired co-owner of Lynn's Radiator Service in South Hill for over 40 years. He was the last chartered member of the South Hill Volunteer Fire Department. He is survived by one son: Billy Williams of South Hill. A funeral service was held Friday morning at Herbert L. Farrar Funeral Home, with burial in Crestview Memorial Park. Contributions may be made to the South Hill Volunteer Fire Department."

Some Richmond, Virginia marriages for 1805

Some Richmond, Virginia marriages for 1805, in alphabetical order by husband's last name.

7 3 1805 James Adams Elizabeth Thompson
7 25 1805 Jeddiah Allen Elizabeth unknown
9 28 1805 Samuel Barrett Catharine Barker
8 24 1805 Parsons Barrett Mary B. Winston
3 18 1805 Claiborne Bethell Susanna Frayser
10 16 1805 Thomas Bohanan Maria Williamson
12 12 1805 Lydall Bowles Elizabeth Smith
8 5 1805 Samuel Boze Porta Cary Woody
6 14 1805 Pleasant Bradley Mildred Coleman
11 2 1805 William Broaddus Martha Richardson
5 31 1805 Joshua Brotherhood Elizabeth Blackburn Carter
7 31 1805 Thomas Burling Patsy Boswell
3 11 1805 William H. Cabell Agnes Belle Gamble
4 24 1805 China Carter Elizabeth Wade
11 14 1805 William B. Chamberlayne Ann Williamson Mosby
11 28 1805 Alexander Childress Frances Warriner
12 24 1805 David Cobbs Elizabeth Archer
6 15 1805 Levi Cone Nancy Whitlow
12 17 1805 John Conoway Lucy Harlow
4 16 1805 Thomas Cowles Lydia Boulton
10 16 1805 John Curran Sally Davis
6 27 1805 Robert Davis Mary Davis
11 12 1805 Charles Denoon Lotsey Devers / Dwers
3 8 1805 Jermiah Dowling Elizabeth Sparks
8 15 1805 Samuel Druen Nancy Southworth
12 21 1805 John Dunn Sally Rogers
1 16 1805 Lewis S. Edwards Polly Wheaton
5 23 1805 William Ellis Elizabeth Garret
2 4 1805 Caleb Ellis Mary Osborn Henley
5 7 1805 Thomas Eppes Polly Harwood
4 6 1805 Thomas Fortune Martha Lunsford
9 10 1805 Jesse Franklin Agnes Harris
2 12 1805 William Harris Nancy Casey
6 29 1805 David Henderson Sarah Thomson
6 15 1805 George R. Hooker Elizabeth Nance
4 13 1805 James Hooper Nancy Padget
2 4 1805 Rudith Howe Nancy Browning
1 11 1805 Timson Jennings Polly Jordan
12 23 1805 Thomas Jinnons Susanna Howerton
5 3 1805 Moody Jinnons Mary Rice
2 2 1805 Major Johnson Mary Gay
6 20 1805 Jonathan Jones Catherine Snyder
7 2 1805 Robert Kewen Elizabeth Courtney
10 14 1805 William Kidd Lucy Johnson
10 19 1805 William Ladd Nancy Mosely
5 10 1805 John Lakenan Elizabeth Morris
12 19 1805 Samuel Leach Betsy Barker
12 18 1805 George Leach Sally Bethell
4 2 1805 David Logan Mary Murphy
11 1805 James Lynch Elizabeth Turner
12 27 1805 Archibald Maxmillan Elizabeth H. White
12 19 1805 James McCance Elizabeth Dunlap
8 14 1805 Henry McClatchey Nancy Davies
11 1 1805 Samuel McCraw Frances Emily Whitlock
4 12 1805 William Merritt Anne Burke
4 16 1805 Peter Newman Ann Miller
9 23 1805 Thomas Nowell Ann Mosby
2 16 1805 Thomas Oliver Angellica H. Lacy
1 14 1805 Sewell Osgood Frances Courtney
1 15 1805 Robert Parish Susanna Bredin
2 2 1805 James Parks Elizabeth Smith
2 16 1805 Alexander Plainville Rose Geraudan
12 5 1805 Nathaniel Robinson Martha Fussell
5 14 1805 Peter Roper Maria Skipwith
4 17 1805 John Sharp Nancy Williams
4 15 1805 John Spencer Patsey West
3 30 1805 Benjamin Stetson Nancy Lyle
11 30 1805 James Taliaferro Martha Price
3 15 1805 Jesse Throgmorton Lucy Price
10 31 1805 Thomas Turner Sarah Graham
12 5 1805 John Valentine Betsy Matthews
1 7 1805 Littleberry Vest Katy Bethell
2 13 1805 Mansfield Watkins Polly Redd Willis
5 3 1805 Thomas "Watson, Jr." Mary Holliday
9 14 1805 Reuben West Patsey Trueman
2 20 1805 John Wettenburg Charity Trueman
11 28 1805 James Whitelaw Mary Owen
5 20 1805 Charles Wood Sarah Hicks
4 29 1805 Thomas J. Wray Sally Turpin
10 10 1805 John Wyatt Flora McDonald

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Book Review: "Fluvanna County Virginia Death Records 1853-1896" with Last Name Index N-Z

The following is a summary of the last name index, N-Z, for "Fluvanna County Virginia Death Records 1853-1896" by Nell Hailey, VI, 296 pages, and index. Described as “a thorough and accurate abstraction of all the data contained in the first death register for Fluvanna County. Many of the older inhabitants can be traced into the later eighteenth century from the extrapolation of the data given on their death record. A valuable resource.”

If you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

FYI, the book you would get contains all letters A-Z but I broke them up here into two posts so they would not look so long.

Naglor Napier Neal Neale Neil Newell Newton Nichola Nicholas Nicholson Nickson Nicolas Nixon Noel Norrell Norris Norvell Nowell Oliver Omohundro Onohundro Opie Otie Overstreet Pace Page Palmore Pamburton Pannell Pansette Paquette Parish Parris Parrish Patrain Patterson Patton Paulett Payne Payton Peers Penn Pennic Perkins Perrington Perry Pervall Peters Peterson Pettit Pettot Pettit Pettus Philips Piers Pinkard Pinnie Platt Pleasants Poindexter Pollard Pollock Poore Porter Pottie Powers Pratt Price Priddy Prior Prismus Proffit Proffitt Profit Purcell Quales Quarles Quinnburg Radford Ragland Randall Randolph Ranks Rawson Redd Reed Reem Reeves Reid Reynolds Rhodes Rice Richardson Riely Riger Riley Rison Risow Roberts Robertson Robin Robinson Roland Rolin Rolling Rollins Rose Ross Rothwell Rowland Roy Ryals Saddler Sadler Sampson Sanders Saunders Sawell Sclater Scott Scruggs Seargeant Seay Seigfrid Sepherd Shelton Shepherd Shepherdson Shiflett Ship Shipp Shores Siegfried Simms Sims Skipwith Slater Slatin Slator Sloan Smith Snead Sneed Snider Snoddy Snow Snyder South Southward Southworth Sowell Sparks Spencer Spotswood Sprouse St.George Stanton Staples Startley Steger Stewart Stiger Stillman Stocken Stokes Stone Stoner Strange Stratton Susan Sutherland Talbot Taliaferro Taliafirro Talley Tally Tanday Tarry Taylor Temple Teril Terrel Terrell Terril Terrill Terry Thacker Thomas Thompkins Thompson Thrift Thurston Tillman Tilman Timberlake Tisdale Toler Toliver Tomkins Tompkins Toney Tony Towles Travillian Trent Trenton Trice Trixtin Truxton Tryall Tucker Tulwiler Tuning Turner Turpin Tutewiler Tutwiler Tyler Tyra Tyree Ursin Vaughan Vaughn Venable Venerable Vest Via Vice Vowell Vowells Waddy Wade Wadkins Waistcoat Wakeham Wakeman Waldrop Waldrope Walker Walkker Walton Wamsly Ware Washington Watkins Watson Weakly Weaver Webb Webster Weekly Weisenger Weisiger Wells Wheeler White Whitlock Whitlow Wiley Wilkerson Wilkinson William Williams Williamson Willis Wills Wilson Wingfield Winks Winn Winnston Winston Woldridge Wood Woodie Wooding Woodling Woods Woodson Woodward Wooldridge Wooling Woolling Woolrich Worsham Wouldridge Wren Wright Wyatt Wyen Wylie Yago Yancey Yancy Yates Young Yount Zant Zigler

Again, if you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

Book Review: "Fluvanna County Virginia Death Records 1853-1896" with Last Name Index A-M

The following is a summary of the last name index, A-M, for "Fluvanna County Virginia Death Records 1853-1896" by Nell Hailey, VI, 296 pages, and index. Described as "a thorough and accurate abstraction of all the data contained in the first death register for Fluvanna County. Many of the older inhabitants can be traced into the later eighteenth century from the extrapolation of the data given on their death record. A valuable resource."

If you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

FYI, the book you would get contains all letters A-Z but I broke them up here into two posts so they would not look so long.

Abraham Abrams Adams Agee Alcott Allegree Allen Alvis Ames Amos Ancell Anderson Anfolish Ann Anthony Appleberry Applebery Applebury Argyle Armisland Armstrong Arnett Ashlin Bacon Bagby Baker Baline Ball Ballard Ballimore Ballow Ballowe Baltimore Banks Banton Barber Barbour Barksdale Barlett Barnett Barnette Barr Barrett Bartlett Bashaw Baskell Baskett Bates Bbrown Beach Beaddoch Beal Beale Beard Beasley Beaver Beavers Beck Beckley Bell Bellamy Berkely Berkley Berkly Bethil Beugham Bibb Bickley Biggers Bigges Biggs Binford Binne Bishop Black Blackburn Bland Bledsoe Blue Boatright Boatwright Bonapart Bonnet Bonoparte Booker Borden Boston Boswell Bourne Bowell Bowen Bowers Bowles Boyd Bracher Bracken Braddock Braddox Bradley Bradpher Bradshaw Brady Bragg Bramham Branham Branhorn Bransford Bratcher Braxton Breden Breeden Brent Brice Bridgewater Briggs Brightwell Broadus Broddick Brook Brooks Brown Brrice Bruce Brushwood Bryan Bryant Buck Bugg Buggs Bulkley Bullinore Bullock Bunch Bundy Burgess Burks Burl Burrel Burruss Burton Busby Butler Bybel Bybie Byrd Cabell Cameron Campbell Camron Carey Carington Carr Carret Carrington Carroll Carter Carver Cary Cash Cass Cassida Catlett Cauley Cavin Cawthan Cawthorn Cawthorne Caysin Chambers Champion Chandler Chewning Chick Childress Childs Chiles Chisholm Christian Christopher Chronister Clark Clarke Clarkson Clemens Clements Cleveland Clevland Cluff Cocke Cokes Colbert Cole Coleman Coles Collingsworth Collins Company Conley Conway Cook Cooke Cooper Cormack Cosbey Cosby Cousins Cowherd Cox Coy Crain Crank Cranks Crawford Creasay Creasey Creasy Crosby Crowder Crutchfield Cummings Cunnings Dabney Dandridge Daniel Daudy Davis Dawson Deane Dellerson Dennis Denton Derico Desper Dickerson Dickinson Diggs Dillard Dinney Dodson Doswell Down Downman Drumheller Drummond Drumwright Dudley Duggins Duine Duke Duncan Dunford Dunkum Dunn Durham Dyer Eades Eaney Easlin Easion Eastin Easton Edas Edgar Edwards Ellinger Ellis Elson Emmerson Erny Eskew Estis Euing Everett Farar Farbusch Faris Farish Farmer Farrar Farras Farris Ferrell Fields Fife Finbush Finley Fisher Fitch Fitz Fitzgerald Flanagan Flannagan Flannigan Fleming Flippin Fllanigan Fontaine Forbs Forbush Ford Fowler Fox Frances Franklin Frazier Friend Fuqua Furbush Furgason Galt Gamile Garland Garnett Garrian Gate Gaugh Gault Gay Gentry George Gestinna Gibson Gilbert Gilispie Gillespie Gillispie Gillium Glass Gooch Goodman Goodson Goodwin Goolsby Goose Goss Gough Graham Grant Granville Grass Graven Graves Gray Grayham Green Greenhow Griffin Griggs Groomes Grooms Grubbs Gunnel Hacket Hackney Haden Haga Haggard Hains Haislip Haley Hall Ham Hamilton Hamlin Hampton Harden Hardin Harding Hargrove Harlin Harlow Harlowe Harris Harrison Hart Harvey Hasher Hatcher Hattis Hawley Headson Henderson Henesy Henley Henly Hennings Henry Henson Herndon Hewlett Hickey Hicks Higgason Hill Hilliard Hobson Hodges Hodgson Hogg Hoggard Holeman Holland Holley Holloway Holly Holman Hope Hopkins Hornsesy Houchens Houchins Howard Howell Huckless Huckslip Huckstep Hudchins Hudgins Hudson Hughes Hughs Hughson Humphrey Hunt Hunter Hurt Irving Irvving Jackson Jacobs James Jamison Jane Jefferson Jenkins Jennings Johndon Johns Johnson Jones Jordan Jordon Jumliss Kane Kauffman Keeney Kelly Kenney Kenny Kent Kerby Kertley Key Kidd Kie Kile King Kingsford Kingston Kinney Kirby Labban Lacy Laffan Laffin Lambert Landen Ladrum Lane Lanford Lang Langham Langhorn Langhorne Larkin Laughorne Layne Leake Lee Leigh Lennaham Lenningham Lewis Libbrun Lightfoot Lilley Lilly Lindsey Lipscomb Little Lively Livily Lobban Locker Loffan Loffin Logan Long Loury Loving Lovving Lowry Loyd Lucado Lucas Luckado Lucus Luellen Lunson Lyle Lynn Lzens Madison Madona Magroder Magruder Mahoney Mallory Malory Manby Manley Mann Manne Marks Marrs Marshall Martin Mary Massie Masson Mathews Mattherson Matthews Mayo Mays McCarey McCarty McCary McCaul McCory McCossnel McCowan McCoy McCral McCullock McCullough McDonald McGahee McGeehee McGehee McGhee McGruder McLain McLane McRae McRay McRrae Mead Mealy Meeks Melia Melton Merriman Micheus Michie Mickens Miles Miller Mills Mimms Miner Ming Minor Minter Mitchel Mitchell Modena Modona Monroe Moody Moon Moore Moorman Morris Morton Mosby Mosely Moss Moxby Mundy Myers

Again, If you would like to purchase a copy, you can click here to get it at Amazon:

Obituary for Alice Pearl Winn Lett, February 07, 1898 - February 08, 1984, of Richmond, Virginia

Obituary for Alice Pearl Winn Lett, February 07, 1898 - February 08, 1984, of Richmond, Virginia.

Richmond Times-Dispatch, February 9, 1984:"LETT - Mrs. Pearl Winn Lett, 86, died February 8, 1984. She is survived by her son-in-law and daughter, Gerald and Margaret Anne Estes of Victoria; three grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Dorothy W. Crews, Boydton; one stepdaughter-in-law, Gertrude Lett, Richmond; four stepnephews; and one stepniece. Funeral services will be held graveside Thursday 3 p.m. in Boydton Presbyterian Church Cemetery. The family will receive friends Thursday from 1 to 2 p.m. in Crews Funeral Home, South Hill. Should friends desire, contributions to the Boydton United Methodist Church."

Some Richmond, Virginia marriages for 1804

Some Richmond, Virginia marriages for 1804, in alphabetical order by husband's last name.

1 4 1804 George K. Anderson Nancy White
1 2 1804 William Baker Sarah Garthright
10 3 1804 Samuel Ball Jane S. Cobbs
4 6 1804 Thomas Bendle Elizabeth Coutts
3 26 1804 Alexander Blackwood Elizabeth Price
2 1 1804 John Boast Mary Mettert
9 1 1804 James Bootwright / Boatwright Eliza Pointer
12 18 1804 Thomas F. Boulding Ann B. Lewis
3 2 1804 Leonard Bower Sarah McPherson
1 12 1804 Stephen Branch Tabitha Cocke
2 17 1804 John Browning Nancy New
3 30 1804 John Bullington Judith Redford
3 16 1804 John Burchett Nancy Hipkins
4 13 1804 David Caphart Judith Ware
4 7 1804 William Clare Rebecca Lynch
1 12 1804 Charles Clarke Elizabeth Gauldin
1 12 1804 John Clarke Elizabeth Martin
2 10 1804 Herod Clarke Ann Williams
11 9 1804 Richard Cocke, Jr. Salley Shoemaker
11 26 1804 Peter Cottrell, Jr. Salley Ellis
1 28 1804 Benjamin Dawson Ann Roy
4 18 1804 David Derrington Susanna Dandridge
6 1 1804 Thomas Drake Anne Keairnel
1 3 1804 Christopher Drummond Sarah Whitlow
4 9 1804 Thomas Durham Betsy Hazelwood
2 14 1804 Daniel Edwards Frances Browning
5 22 1804 Richard Edwards Sarah Williams
2 4 1804 Joseph Francis Rebecca Robinson
1 19 1804 Richard H. Frayser Martha Hobson
9 3 1804 William French Maria Duval
4 19 1804 Everit Gay Elizabeth Carpenter
1 2 1804 John Goddin Roxanna Ford
3 27 1804 Edward Goode Mary Lindsay
7 3 1804 James Gordon Martha Willis
2 13 1804 John Hall Elizabeth Hollins
4 23 1804 Moses Hobson Frances Frayser
4 3 1804 Benjamin Hooper Lucinda Price
5 3 1804 James Houslin Eda Edwards
12 11 1804 Anderson Howerton Milley Blackman
5 23 1804 William Hudson Jane Paul
2 14 1804 Turner Hutchins Frances Robertson
12 24 1804 Thomas Johnson Elizabeth Charles
7 13 1804 Sharod H. Johnson Elizabeth Shoemaker
12 4 1804 Thomas Jones Mary Lee
8 22 1804 William Jones Anne Patton
12 12 1804 Beverly Littlepage Mary Cole Gregory
9 15 1804 Isham Lucas Elizabeth Lucas
3 5 1804 James H. Lynch, Jr. Mary Perley
2 17 1804 James Matthews Polly Tencer
12 15 1804 George Matthews Suckey Thorp
1 28 1804 Henry Mettert Mildred Keesee
2 21 1804 Thompson Miller Polly Eubank
1 17 1804 William Mills Phebe Clarke
7 17 1804 William Mitchell Anne S. Armistead
10 24 1804 Thomas Mix Catharine Densil
7 17 1804 Hugh Mullin Nancy Matthews
4 21 1804 Neal Nelson Mary Price
3 21 1804 Jepthey Parker Martha Whitlow
11 20 1804 William Prichard Ann Wilkinson
9 20 1804 William Robertson Nancy Bethell
3 1 1804 Robert Robinson Polly Liggon
1 13 1804 William Royster Ann Hampton
8 15 1804 John A. H. Rutherford Elizabeth Price
10 13 1804 Thomas Shaw Susanna Puzey
4 12 1804 James Smith Rhoda Warriner
4 10 1804 Thomas Stagg Elizabeth Stagg
8 6 1804 Dr. William Tazewell Page Tanner
11 30 1804 Austin Thacker Edy Harding
1 30 1804 Lewis Throgmorton Suckey Sharp
11 9 1804 Anderson Toler Lucy Smith
10 25 1804 James Wilson Tucker Nancy Hooper Perkins
9 29 1804 Philip Vandice Sophia Lawson
5 31 1804 Cornelius Vanhouten Susanna Davis
3 29 1804 Carter Warnner Nancy Otey
2 16 1804 William Watkins Martha Bowe
6 11 1804 Robert White Susannah White
6 18 1804 James Wilson Susanna Prichard
9 17 1804 William D. Wren Theodocia Price

Some Richmond, Virginia marriages for 1797-1803

Some Richmond, Virginia marriages for 1797-1803, in alphabetical order by husband's last name.

27 1803 Samuel Allen Polly Hundley
12 30 1803 John W. Allen Elizabeth Talman
12 21 1803 John Anderson Susanna Lacey
12 24 1803 Edmund Bailey Elizabeth Tompkins
1 30 1803 Benjamin Barlow Nancy Jordan
10 13 1802 William Beverage Rhoda Rogers
9 2 1802 James Blakeley Nancy Graham
9 2 1802 Stephen Brown Mary Pritchard
12 22 1803 Basil Browne Fanny Richards Dandridge
11 28 1803 William Burton, Jr. Mary Mosby
10 30 1802 Perry Clark Nancy Beverage
11 29 1803 Samuel Cottrell Elizabeth Cottrell
12 24 1802 John Crittendon Sally Wade
9 5 1801 John Ford Judith Butler
12 11 1802 William Ford Mary Jennings
1 5 1803 William Foster Polly Williams
10 9 1802 Elijah Franklin Mary Swinton
1 24 1797 Patrick Gibson Elenora Sanderson
12 2 1803 David Griffen Elizabeth Allen
12 11 1802 John Gunn Salley Labbey
7 23 1802 Nicholas Hallam Rachel Bransford
11 24 1803 Alexander Hare Sarah Martin
12 26 1799 George Harrison Mary Anne Nappier
9 23 1802 Carson Holliday Polly Thomas
5 29 1802 Archelaus Hughes Nancy J. Clopton
11 24 1803 William Hutchison Elizabeth Cottrell
11 30 1803 Daniel Lee Elizabeth Nicholson
2 5 1803 John Leslies Ann Myers
5 8 1802 Miller W. McCraw Peggy Toler
1 6 1802 William McKinzie Jane Scott
2 10 1803 Peter McMara Nancy Wyse
2 9 1803 Archilaus Meanley Sally Bennett
9 5 1801 Thomas Meggs Elizabeth Jones
2 14 1803 Anderson Miller Martha Moore
12 26 1799 Benjamin Moore, Jr. Susanna Burton
2 23 1802 William Munford Sarah Radford
1 15 1803 Thomas Myers Mary Kelley
11 15 1803 Philip Oakley Mary Parker
11 19 1802 Carter Braxton Page Rebecca Nicolson
7 3 1802 Samuel Pointer Mary A. Watson
11 28 1803 Daniel Price Polly Lewis
12 21 1802 Jonathan Quicksall Elizabeth Richards
4 21 1802 Thomas Richardson Nancey Mosley
12 5 1803 Thomas Southworth Sally Blackburn
4 9 1802 Richardson Taylor Tabitha Worrock
1 18 1802 Francis Timberlake Tabitha Spraggins
11 12 1803 John Warnner Fanney Barker
12 15 1803 Hezekiah Warriner Polly Brackett
12 15 1803 Edmund West Polly Carter
11 12 1803 George Whitlow Nancy Clarke
12 20 1803 George Williamson, Jr. Lucy Parker
12 21 1803 John Williamson, Jr. Catherine Price
9 7 1802 William Wirt Elizabeth Washington Gamble

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Almeta R. Wyatt Vass obituary, September 22, 1853 - March 1, 1919, of Richmond, Virginia

Almeta R. Wyatt Vass obituary, September 22, 1853 - March 1, 1919, of Richmond, Virginia.

I am not certain, but Almeta's middle name may have been Richardson. There was a Silas Wyatt of King William County, possibly her uncle, that married an Almeda Richardson Gwaltney in 1851. It seems that our Almeta may have been named after this woman.

After the death of her husband, Almeta moved her children from Hanover to Richmond. They rented a house at 233 S. Laurel Street and lived there until her death.

Richmond Times-Dispatch, March 3, 1919:"VASS - Died, at her residence, 233 South Laurel, Saturday, March 1, at 6:25 P. M., Mrs. Almeta Vass. She leaves to mourn their loss, three daughters, one son, one sister, one brother, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Funeral from the above residence Tuesday, 3 P. M. Interment in Riverview Cemetery."

Almeta is buried in plat M, section 88, division 5, grave 1 of Riverview Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia. According to Elizabeth Griggs Vass, Almeta wanted to be buried in Ashland with her husband. However, her children buried her in Richmond despite her wishes.

Thomas Henry Wyatt, January 11, 1852 - December 22, 1925, of Richmond, Virginia

Thomas Henry Wyatt, January 11, 1852 - December 22, 1925, of Richmond, Virginia

Thomas made his home in Richmond, Virginia, living on both China and Belvidere Streets. He worked as a watchman for Tredegar Iron Works for many years.

Richmond Times-Dispatch, December 23, 1925:"WYATT - Died, Tuesday, December 22nd, 1925, at 4:25 P. M., at his residence, 618 South Belvidere Street, Thomas H. Wyatt. Besides his wife, he is survived by three daughters, Mrs. A. M. Wells, Mrs. Charles R. Turner and Mrs. O. V. Carter; also three sons, Jos. L., Thos. D. and Jno. A. Wyatt. The funeral will take place Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the above residence. Interment in Riverview."

Richmond Times-Dispatch, December 24, 1925:"WYATT - The funeral of Mr. Thomas H. Wyatt, of 618 South Belvidere Street, will take place this (Thursday) afternoon at 2 o'clock, from St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, instead of from the residence as previously advertised."

Thomas is buried in plat M, section 69, division 5, grave 4 of Riverview Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

Obituary for Alexander Wyatt, c. 1809 - August 24, 1884, of Hanover County, Virginia

Obituary for Alexander Wyatt, c. 1809 - August 24, 1884, of Hanover County, Virginia.

Alexander and his wife, Elizabeth Kidd, started their family while living in St. John's Parish of King William County, Virginia. They made their way farming, with a handful of slaves. In the 1850s, the Wyatts moved into St. Paul's Parish in Hanover County, Virginia. They lived in the area around Ashland and Beaver Dam and settled on a farm, "Aspen Grove," in the vicinity of Atlee Station. Alex and Betsy lived long and prosperous lives, leaving a multitude of descendants to carry on their line.

Richmond Dispatch, August 26, 1884:"WYATT. - Died, on Sunday night, August 24th, at his residence, in Hanover county, near Atlee's station, at 12:30 o'clock, ALEXANDER WYATT, in the seventy-sixth year of his age. Funeral at 2 P. M. TO-DAY at his late residence. Augusta, Ga., Brooklyn, N. Y., and Towander, Pa., papers please copy."

Friday, July 13, 2007

Family Tree Maker 2008 Beta Version Review

Family Tree Maker has a new version, FTM 2008, coming out in August 2007 and you can download a BETA version here:

This is a very large file and you should be reminded that this is a BETA test so there may be problems with it. This free, BETA version expires on August 24, 2007 so it is only a sample of what you will have to purchase. No word on the final price but hopefully an upgrade discount will be available for current customers. That has been the practice for past releases.

I have downloaded the BETA and did not like it at first. I am still on the fence but there are some items that are nice. The user interface is clean and modern and looks a little like The Master Genealogist - TMG. If you look closely, Wholly Genes Software, maker of TMG, provided the GenBridge file import technology. Perhaps the companies are working together on this one.

The screens are laid out so that everything you want to know about one individual is pretty much on that screen, at one time. However, I find it difficult to navigate between families and to see the bigger picture. They have added a place-name map integration feature using Microsoft’s Virtual Earth. This is neat but I believe requires an active Internet connection. A lot of the features of this version require active Internet connections.

FTM 2008 handles media, i.e. photos, scans, sound and video files, much better than past versions. It also has stronger source citations but does not quite import from your old file perfectly. There is a problem where the old “source medium” field is entered now as a note and included when the source is printed. That is an annoyance and will require you to go back and manually delete that note from each source.

One of the coolest parts of the program is that it makes suggestions about possible connections with data on Ancestry’s pay web site. Although the matches are not spot-on, it is nice to have possible connections pointed out to you. The main downside is that you have to pay for the service separately.

My biggest gripe with FTM 2008 is the report function. As of right now, most of the reports are stock and cannot be changed much to really fit your needs. Also missing are the genealogy reports (register, NGS quarterly and ahnentafel). If those reports do not show up in the final version, I will not be very happy as the functionality of the program will be severely hampered. The books section is also unavailable at this time but at least has a placeholder that reads “coming soon.”

Ancestry will also offer a printing service at some point.

Overall, I am impressed with the effort on this one but I think there will be several release versions before this one is solidified. Users need to send the company feedback and let them know what is missing and what is not working. I will write another review when the final version is released. Hopefully some of the BETA flaws will be worked out by then.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hunter Thomas Lawson newspaper clippings, October 1951

Richmond Times-Dispatch, October 28, 1951:"FOUR MORE DEATHS INCREASE STATE'S HIGHWAY TOLL TO 793 - ...Hunter Thomas Lawson, 27, of Chase City, Va...Lawson died Friday in a South Boston hospital from injuries received in an accident on State Route 49, three miles north of Chase City, Saturday, October 20. He was a passenger in an automobile that was involved in a collision."

Unknown newspaper clipping:"LAWSON - In loving memory of my son, Thomas Lawson, better known as "Tony", who died two months ago, October 26, 1951. Loving and kind in all his ways, Upright and just, to the end of his days; Sincere and true in his heart and mind, Beautiful memories he left behind. Silently the angels took "Tony" Into the mansion above, There shall he rest from earth's toiling Safe in the arms of God's love. Mother"

Obituary for Isabella Francolino Lettieri Russo, January 10, 1852 - November 08, 1902, of Corleto Perticara, Potenza, Italy and Richmond, Virginia

Obituary for Isabella Francolino Lettieri Russo, January 10, 1852 - November 08, 1902, of Corleto Perticara, Potenza, Italy and Richmond, Virginia.

According to her granddaughter, Doris Stone Golden, Isabella "had a grocery store in Naples, Italy and she opened a grocery store in Richmond, Virginia after moving to America." Also, when Doris was a child, she used to teethe on Isabella's cross necklace. This necklace can be seen in the photo I have of Isabella. Doris is the current owner of this necklace. Her teeth marks are still evident after all of these years.

Richmond Times-Dispatch, October 20, 1930:"RUSSO - Died at Stuart Circle Hospital October 19, Isibelle Lettiro Russo. She leaves one son, Joseph Lettiro; six daughters, Mrs. M. A. Stone, Mrs. Louis N. Conte, Mrs. Irene Verne, Mrs. Edgar Wade, Mrs. Rosa Lester, all of Richmond, and Mrs. Lena Lombard, and one sister, Mrs. Rocco Lapenta, of Hartford, Conn., twenty-three grandchildren. Remains are at the residence, 3319 Woodrow Avenue. Funeral 10 A. M. Tuesday from St. Paul's Catholic Church, Barton Heights. Interment in Mt. Calvery Cemetery."

Obituaries for Julia Ann Liptrap Terrell c. 1818-1892 of Augusta County, Virginia

Obituaries for Julia Ann Liptrap Terrell c. 1818-1892 of Augusta County, Virginia

Staunton Vindicator, September 9, 1892:"TERRELS. - On Saturday, Sept. 3d, at her home in Basic City, Mrs. Julia Ann Terrell, in her 74th year. Interment at Waynesboro."

The Augusta County Argus, September 13, 1892:"TOMB - TERRELL - September 6, 1892, at Basic City, Mrs. Julia F. Terrell, aged 73 years."

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

1850 United States Federal Census, York County, Virginia, Transcription and Last Name Index

I completed a book on the 1850 census for York County, Virginia in 2005. It is available from Lulu at the following link:

The book costs $11.98 plus shipping for the printed version and $6.25 for a PDF download.

Book Information:
You will receive one new, soft-bound copy of the "1850 United States Federal Census, York County, Virginia, Transcription and Last Name Index," compiled by Kevin Lett of Virginia Family Tree. This is a new edition to the market, being published for the first time in 2005. Information includes each resident’s name, age, race, sex, occupation, real estate value, place of birth (specific counties are given for Virginia births) and some possible educational, physical and marital information (not all of these items are given for each person). There were over 440 households including more than 2,275 individuals (910 white males, 915 white females, 235 free black males and 219 free black females). The book has a total of 60, 8x10 inch pages and includes a last name index and is signed by the author.

Author's background:
Kevin Lett is a graduate of the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia with a degree in the field of History and a minor degree in Art and Art History. He has conducted genealogy research for the past fourteen years, four years professionally, and is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and the Virginia Historical Society. He is also a volunteer county coordinator for the USGenWeb Project and spent time as a fact checker, and author, for the Library of Virginia's "Dictionary of Virginia Biography". For two years, he was the editor of a family newsletter, "The Lett Gazette."

Area background information:
York County, Virginia was originally named Charles River and was one of the eight, original Virginia shires formed in 1634. The name changed to York in 1643, in honor of James the Duke of York. York County is 108-square-miles being roughly 27 miles long by 6 miles wide. The county seat is in Yorktown, the site where Lord Cornwallis surrendered the British Army during the American Revolution. York is approximately 50 miles from Richmond and 25 miles from Norfolk. Modern-day York County has land borders which include the cities of Poquoson, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, James City County and Gloucester County. A large portion of the county is surrounded by water, being situated between the James and York Rivers.

Last name index includes:
Acrea, Ainslic, Allen, Almond, Alvis, Ammons, Amory, Anderson, Armfield, Armistead, Ashby, Austin, Ayres, Babe, Balfour, Ball, Banks, Barham, Barlow, Barron, Barry, Bartlett, Barziza, Bell, Belvin, Bennett, Bishop, Blanks, Blassingham, Blemthaem, Blizzard, Bonnawell, Boswell, Bowden, Bowers, Bowman, Bowser, Bratcher, Bray, Brown, Bruce, Bryan, Buchanan, Buckherst, Bunting, Burcher, Burnett, Burt, Busick, Byrd, Callis, Candlish, Cannon, Cardwell, Carmener, Carmines, Carter, Cary, Casay, Chandler, Chapman, Charles, Chisman, Christian, Claiborne, Clarke, Cluverius, Cogbill, Coleburn, Collina, Combs, Cooke, Coupland, Cowles, Cox, Crockett, Crowley, Curtis, Cuswell, Daewett, Davis, Dawson, Deneufville, Denfey, Dey, Dickie, Digges, Dixon, Dodd, Donnelly, Doughty, Drewett, Dumlavy, Dunenfville, Dunn, Dunton, Earnest, East, Eastwood, Eddins, Elliott, Evans, Farinholt, Finney, Firth, Flynn, Ford, Forrest, Foster, Frances, Freeman, Garrett, Gayle, Gillett, Gilman, Goodwin, Graham, Graves, Green, Griffin, Griffith, Grymes, Guthrie, Hall, Haniford, Hanniford, Hansford, Harris, Harwood, Haywood, Heath, Heller, Henley, Hewell, Hewes, Hickman, Hicks, Hofheimer, Hogg, Holliway, Holloway, Honghwourt, Hopkins, Hopson, Hornsby, Howard, Hubbard, Hubberd, Hudgins, Huggett, Hunley, Hunt, Hurt, Inslic, Inslie, Ironmonger, Jackson, Jamerson, James, Jarvis, Jenkins, Jennings, Johns, Johnson, Joiner, Jones, Jordan, Kellum, Kemp, Kerby, King, Lauson, Laverty, Lawson, Lebee, Lee, Lester, Lewis, Lindsay, Lindsey, Luck, Lyons, Maeland, Mahone, Mallicote, Mann, Marnex, Marshal, Martin, Mason, Maynard, McCandlish, McCann, Mercer, Messick, Miller, Mills, Mine, Minson, Mone, Mono, Montgomery, Moody, Moore, Moreland, Morgan, Morriss, Morrisson, Moss, Mountcastle, Mountfortt, Myers, Nelson, Newman, Nichols, Noel, Northingham, Nottingham, Owen, Owens, Page, Paine, Parker, Parsons, Parsson, Patrick, Pauls, Peachy, Peters, Pettis, Pettitt, Peyton, Phillips, Piggott, Poe, Pomroy, Powell, Power, Presson, Prince, Provos, Pruvoo, Pumphrey, Purro, Ray, Redcross, Reggin, Richardson, Roberts, Robertson, Robins, Rogers, Rollins, Roper, Rowe, Rowelle, Russell, Salter, Sanders, Sands, Saunders, Savage, Scott, Selator, Semple, Sheild, Shelburn, Sheldon, Shell, Sherwood, Shield, Sibley, Simpson, Slater, Slaughter, Smith, Snead, Southall, Speed, Spencer, Starlin, Starrback, Staves, Stroud, Stuart, Sullivan, Sweat, Sweeney, Tabb, Tanerdan, Taylor, Teagle, Tennis, Thomas, Thompson, Throckmorton, Tignor, Tinsley, Tolten, Topping, Tucker, Vader, Vaughan, Vest, Wade, Wainright, Walker, Wallace, Waller, Walls, Walter, Ward, Warden, Ware, Warren, Watkins, Watson, West, Weston, Wheeler, Whitaker, White, Whiting, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Willard, Williams, Williford, Wilson, Winder, Wise, Wiston, Wood, Woodson, Wootten, Worman, Wright, Wyatt, Wynne, Young

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Last Will & Testament of George Bing

Last Will & Testament of George Bing

Mecklenburg County, Virginia Will Book #24, pages 530-531:

I George Bing of Mecklenburg County State of Virginia do make this my last will and testament.

Item 1st I loan to my beloved wife Mary A. Bing after my just debts are ^ have been paid the whole of my Estate during her life.

Item 2nd At the death of my wife my wish and desire is that my land shall be divided between my two living children as follows.

Item 3rd My wish is that my daughter Julia F. Moseley shall have the land on the east side of Saffolds Road the line to start at the Locust tree at the spring gap on the road an go down the bottom to the branch then down the branch to my east line and all the of the land South of this line and East of Saffolds road is to be hers It is my wish and desire also to give to Julia F. Mosely twenty five acres of land that I bought of Robert A. Walker the line leaving Saffolds road below Charles Curtises and to run to the branch and then down the branch to Louis Dodsons line. I suppose that in the two lots of land there is about fifty five and a half Acres. This I give to her and her her heirs forever.

Item 4th The balance of my land with my dwelling I give to my son Wm G. Bing and his heirs forever and I suppose there is about one hundred acres.

Item 5th It is my wish and desire that Ann Della Coles my Daughter her children and my Daughter Julia F. Mosely also my son Wm G. Bing the three shall be equal in the balance of my Estate of every description. It is my wish and desire that Ann Dellas children part of my Estate shall be put in Bank by my Administrator and each one can draw his part at the age of eighteen years old if he or she thinks proper.

Item 6th It is also my wish that that my son Wm G. Bing shall Mannage as Administrator my Estate at the death of my Beloved wife Mary A. Bing and he shall not be required to give security for his Stewardship. It is also my wish that Wm G. Bing my son get some businessman one of sound principles and judgment to assist him in the settlement of this my last will and testament.

Witnessed This the 23rd day of March 1883.
George Bing
Chas A. Curtis
Bartley C. Smithson

Mecklenburg County Court Aug 18th 1884.
The last Will and Testament of George Bing late of this County decd was this day produced in Court and fully proved by the oaths of Chas A. Curtis + Bartley C. Smithson the subscribing witnesses thereto and was thereupon ordered to be recorded.
Ex Teste J. M. Sloan, clk