Monday, November 05, 2007

John Pettis of Spotsylvania County, Virginia Revolutionary War pension

Taken from Revolutionary War pension file:

John Pettis was born about 1754 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. He was married to Martha “Patsy” Reynolds by Parson Waugh in the spring of 1782, Port Royal, Caroline County, Virginia. He lived variably between Spotsylvania, Caroline and Orange Counties and died in Spotsylvania on July 1, 1833.

John had a sister named Catherine Pettis, born about 1771, living in Caroline County in October 1841. John and Martha had a son, Spencer Pettis, who served as a Congressman from Missouri and was killed in a duel with Major Thomas Biddle.

Martha was born about 1757 and lived in Spotsylvania County before moving to Orange in April 1840. She apparently never remarried and died after August 1848, probably before 1854. Her father lived in Caroline County during the 1790s and taught school.

John was drafted into the Virginia Militia in 1779 under Captain Philip Johnson. He served in Williamsburg and enlisted in the First Regiment, Virginia Line in 1780, serving under Colonel Samuel Hawes, Captain Francis Cowherd and General Nathanael Greene. John marched through North Carolina, fighting at the battles of Guilford Courthouse and Eutaw Springs. He was discharged in Salisbury, North Carolina in January 1782.

John received a $24 pension during his lifetime and his wife continued to draw it for some time. In the 1830s, she applied for a widow’s pension but had difficulty proving her marriage because Caroline County’s records were lost during a fire. Martha eventually received $73.33 per year, starting shortly before she died.


Anonymous said...

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Thornton Jenkins said...

John Pettis also had a daughter , Sally pettis. She married William jenkins and their son was rear Admiral Thornton A Jenkins,fleet captain for Admiral farragut in tyhe civil war

sharon tseu said...

John and Martha also had a daughter, Elizabeth B. who married Edward Stivers. They moved to Kentucky and eventually settled in Illinois where Edward received land as a result of his War of 1812

sharon tseu said...

Another child of JOhn and Martha's was Elizabeth B. Pettis. She married Edward Stivers. He took bounty land in Illinois due to his War of 1812 service. Her obituary lists Spencer Pettis as her brother. Pettis has been used as a middle name for many of her decendants.
Sharon Tseu