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Isabella L. Lett Evans of Mecklenburg County, Virginia, c. 1819-1892

According to Courtney Dunn's "Notes Concerning Elbethel Methodist Church, Mecklenburg County, Virginia, c. 1824-1930," housed at the Virginia Historical Society, Isabella was a member of El Bethel in 1866.

On October, 17, 1888, she applied for a pension as the widow of a Confederate veteran. At the time, she was living in Union Level and was eligible to receive a $30.00 pension.

According to her September 7, 1891 will, Isabella stated that she would live with and be taken care of by her niece, Angelina F. Bowers, during her old age. Out of natural affection, she left Angelina $100 and all of her kitchen furniture. She also gave her nephew, Thomas B. Bowers, her silver watch for the same reasons. Isabella left the remainder of the estate to her sibling's children, except for Martha Jane Cole, who was strictly forbidden to receive any portion, "for reasons best known to myself." Thomas B. Bowers was named executor and B. T. Wartman and J. H. Maynard served as witnesses. The will was proven in Mecklenburg County on July 18, 1892.

The Mecklenburg News, June 24, 1892 - I bought this paper on EBay, taking a chance it might have something of importance:

"Died on Saturday last, at the residence of her nephew, Thos. B. Bowers Esq., near South Hill, Mrs. Isabella Evans, at a ripe old age, she was between 75 and 80 years. Beloved by all who knew her, she died without an enemy. She was a consistent and humble, God fearing Christian and died as she had lived a Chrsitian in deed and in truth. In her later years affliction prevented her from attending divine worship, but though debarred this blessed privilege, she worshiped the Master in the closet and at her home, and now goes to reap the great reward for the finally faithful "A Crown of Life Everlasting in the world beyond". She leaves a host of relatives and friends to mourn her loss, but they weep not without hope, for "she is not lost but only gone before."

The Mecklenburg News, June 24, 1892:
"Mrs. Isabella Evans wife of the late Jas. Evans died last Saturday the 18th and was buried at the old burying grounds at James Cole's, on yesterday. She was well advanced in years."

An accounts current was created after her death by the executor. She received a $35 pension, $142 from the estate of her brother Jno. E. Lett, she was owed $65.00 by T. B. Bowers and she had a certificate of deposit in the Bank of Mecklenburg valued at $235.00. Isabella's estate also owed money, including $3.00 to C. A. Curtis for digging her grave, $25.00 to B. Loyd for a coffin, $1.00 to Rev. W. A. Gee for preaching her funeral, $3.00 to Dr. J. W. James for medicine and $10.00 to C. Haskins for a hearse. In total, Isabella had $477.00 and owed $241.61. The remaining $235.39 was divided amongst her sibling's children: Jas. H. Bowers, Chas. A. Curtis, Z. W. Curtis, Cyrus G. Curtis, Jno. H. Lett, Joseph A. Lett, F. M. Bowers, Jno. E. Bowers, Robt. A. Bowers, Thos. B. Bowers, Mary F. Bowers, Sarah J. Jones, Arabella F. Evans, M. L. A. Sculthorp, Sarah W. Callahan and Angelina F. Bowers.

An appraisement of Isabella's estate was made after her death. Her personal effects were valued at $32.85 and included basic items of everyday life. There were also the aforementioned receivables and deposit totalling $477.00.

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