Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Elizabeth Bradshaw Jarvis of Manchester and Richmond, 1828-1905

Richmond Times-Dispatch, August 30, 1905:
"MRS. ELIZABETH JARVIS - Mrs. Elizabeth Jarvis, an inmate of the Home for Needy Confederate Women, died at 6:30 o'clock Monday night at the Retreat for the Sick, where she had been taken for special treatment. The funeral will be from the home, No. 3 East Grace Street, at 9:30 this morning"

Elizabeth is buried in section E, lot 90 of Hollywood Cemetery. Upon visiting this site, I was unable to find a stone for Elizabeth. I punched the entire front portion of the plat with a metal rod but to no avail. All I could come up with were tree roots (however I did find a stone for her husband). I doubt Elizabeth would have a stone anyway, seeing as though she died in a poor house. I suppose we should be grateful that they gave her a proper burial.


Gracehoper said...

How did you find out the lot and plot number of your elizabeth? I have several ancestors buried at Hollywood and hav had no luck finding out exactly where.

Kevin said...

I can think of two ways. The burial cards, in order by last name, are on microfilm at the Library of Virginia in Richmond. The other way would be to call the cemetery directly and ask for Woody Harper at (804) 648-8501. He is either the general manager or the assistant. Woody is passionate about the cemetery and will help you in any way he can. I bought my family site at Hollywood from Woody last year.