Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Book Review: "Fluvanna County Virginia Death Records 1853-1896" with Last Name Index A-M

The following is a summary of the last name index, A-M, for "Fluvanna County Virginia Death Records 1853-1896" by Nell Hailey, VI, 296 pages, and index. Described as "a thorough and accurate abstraction of all the data contained in the first death register for Fluvanna County. Many of the older inhabitants can be traced into the later eighteenth century from the extrapolation of the data given on their death record. A valuable resource."

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FYI, the book you would get contains all letters A-Z but I broke them up here into two posts so they would not look so long.

Abraham Abrams Adams Agee Alcott Allegree Allen Alvis Ames Amos Ancell Anderson Anfolish Ann Anthony Appleberry Applebery Applebury Argyle Armisland Armstrong Arnett Ashlin Bacon Bagby Baker Baline Ball Ballard Ballimore Ballow Ballowe Baltimore Banks Banton Barber Barbour Barksdale Barlett Barnett Barnette Barr Barrett Bartlett Bashaw Baskell Baskett Bates Bbrown Beach Beaddoch Beal Beale Beard Beasley Beaver Beavers Beck Beckley Bell Bellamy Berkely Berkley Berkly Bethil Beugham Bibb Bickley Biggers Bigges Biggs Binford Binne Bishop Black Blackburn Bland Bledsoe Blue Boatright Boatwright Bonapart Bonnet Bonoparte Booker Borden Boston Boswell Bourne Bowell Bowen Bowers Bowles Boyd Bracher Bracken Braddock Braddox Bradley Bradpher Bradshaw Brady Bragg Bramham Branham Branhorn Bransford Bratcher Braxton Breden Breeden Brent Brice Bridgewater Briggs Brightwell Broadus Broddick Brook Brooks Brown Brrice Bruce Brushwood Bryan Bryant Buck Bugg Buggs Bulkley Bullinore Bullock Bunch Bundy Burgess Burks Burl Burrel Burruss Burton Busby Butler Bybel Bybie Byrd Cabell Cameron Campbell Camron Carey Carington Carr Carret Carrington Carroll Carter Carver Cary Cash Cass Cassida Catlett Cauley Cavin Cawthan Cawthorn Cawthorne Caysin Chambers Champion Chandler Chewning Chick Childress Childs Chiles Chisholm Christian Christopher Chronister Clark Clarke Clarkson Clemens Clements Cleveland Clevland Cluff Cocke Cokes Colbert Cole Coleman Coles Collingsworth Collins Company Conley Conway Cook Cooke Cooper Cormack Cosbey Cosby Cousins Cowherd Cox Coy Crain Crank Cranks Crawford Creasay Creasey Creasy Crosby Crowder Crutchfield Cummings Cunnings Dabney Dandridge Daniel Daudy Davis Dawson Deane Dellerson Dennis Denton Derico Desper Dickerson Dickinson Diggs Dillard Dinney Dodson Doswell Down Downman Drumheller Drummond Drumwright Dudley Duggins Duine Duke Duncan Dunford Dunkum Dunn Durham Dyer Eades Eaney Easlin Easion Eastin Easton Edas Edgar Edwards Ellinger Ellis Elson Emmerson Erny Eskew Estis Euing Everett Farar Farbusch Faris Farish Farmer Farrar Farras Farris Ferrell Fields Fife Finbush Finley Fisher Fitch Fitz Fitzgerald Flanagan Flannagan Flannigan Fleming Flippin Fllanigan Fontaine Forbs Forbush Ford Fowler Fox Frances Franklin Frazier Friend Fuqua Furbush Furgason Galt Gamile Garland Garnett Garrian Gate Gaugh Gault Gay Gentry George Gestinna Gibson Gilbert Gilispie Gillespie Gillispie Gillium Glass Gooch Goodman Goodson Goodwin Goolsby Goose Goss Gough Graham Grant Granville Grass Graven Graves Gray Grayham Green Greenhow Griffin Griggs Groomes Grooms Grubbs Gunnel Hacket Hackney Haden Haga Haggard Hains Haislip Haley Hall Ham Hamilton Hamlin Hampton Harden Hardin Harding Hargrove Harlin Harlow Harlowe Harris Harrison Hart Harvey Hasher Hatcher Hattis Hawley Headson Henderson Henesy Henley Henly Hennings Henry Henson Herndon Hewlett Hickey Hicks Higgason Hill Hilliard Hobson Hodges Hodgson Hogg Hoggard Holeman Holland Holley Holloway Holly Holman Hope Hopkins Hornsesy Houchens Houchins Howard Howell Huckless Huckslip Huckstep Hudchins Hudgins Hudson Hughes Hughs Hughson Humphrey Hunt Hunter Hurt Irving Irvving Jackson Jacobs James Jamison Jane Jefferson Jenkins Jennings Johndon Johns Johnson Jones Jordan Jordon Jumliss Kane Kauffman Keeney Kelly Kenney Kenny Kent Kerby Kertley Key Kidd Kie Kile King Kingsford Kingston Kinney Kirby Labban Lacy Laffan Laffin Lambert Landen Ladrum Lane Lanford Lang Langham Langhorn Langhorne Larkin Laughorne Layne Leake Lee Leigh Lennaham Lenningham Lewis Libbrun Lightfoot Lilley Lilly Lindsey Lipscomb Little Lively Livily Lobban Locker Loffan Loffin Logan Long Loury Loving Lovving Lowry Loyd Lucado Lucas Luckado Lucus Luellen Lunson Lyle Lynn Lzens Madison Madona Magroder Magruder Mahoney Mallory Malory Manby Manley Mann Manne Marks Marrs Marshall Martin Mary Massie Masson Mathews Mattherson Matthews Mayo Mays McCarey McCarty McCary McCaul McCory McCossnel McCowan McCoy McCral McCullock McCullough McDonald McGahee McGeehee McGehee McGhee McGruder McLain McLane McRae McRay McRrae Mead Mealy Meeks Melia Melton Merriman Micheus Michie Mickens Miles Miller Mills Mimms Miner Ming Minor Minter Mitchel Mitchell Modena Modona Monroe Moody Moon Moore Moorman Morris Morton Mosby Mosely Moss Moxby Mundy Myers

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